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106426.2 k537 k6.1 kBans off Our Bodies protests occur across United States after leaked Supr…
81046.5 k11 k6.4 kRussia launches full-scale invasion against Ukraine
7974.5 k8.5 k4.4 kIndian singer Lata Mangeshkar dies at age 92
711723.3 k6.9 k3.3 kGrand jury indicts man in assassination plot against U.S. Supreme Court A…
6937 k11 k6.8 kNorth Korean leader Kim Jong Un oversees hypersonic missile test
8488 k11 k7.8 kUnited Kingdom buries Queen Elizabeth II after state funeral
75135.3 k6.5 k5.2 kBrothers Sunshine Coast to join A grade rugby union competition on Austra…
78033.6 k5.3 k3.5 kMass shooting takes place in New York City subway system
6763.1 k9.9 k3 kMass protests prompt Sri Lankan cabinet to resign
9246.1 k6.1 k5.9 kAustralian government pays A$20m for copyright to Aboriginal flag
76524.3 k5.6 k4.2 kConservationists capture most massive Burmese python in Florida history
75844.6 k6.5 k4.5 kSigns of de-escalation as Russia claims to pull back some troops
7323.1 k9.9 k3 kRussian journalist Viktor Pinchuk delivers 'Hobo Tourism' lecture in Simf…
74415.7 k14 k5.5 kScientists use DNA analysis to track elephant poaching networks
83213.3 k4.2 k3.2 kProud Boys indicted for conspiracy over January 6 U.S. Capitol riots
6502.3 k6.1 k6.1 kJames Webb Space Telescope moves to final orbit
73117 k7.6 k6.8 kUkrainian forces continue to push back the Russians
8273.5 k4 k3.4 kAmerican Museum of Natural History removes statue of Theodore Roosevelt
54813.6 k11 k10 kHungary extends fuel price cap
73233 k3.9 k2.9 kMacron defeats Le Pen in French presidential runoff election
65013.3 k6 k3.2 kShehbaz Sharif becomes new prime minister of Pakistan
5567.2 k7.9 k7 kRussia continues to attack Ukraine amid sanctions from the west
7304.1 k4.6 k4 k30,000-year-old Austrian statue traced to stone from Italy
4529.6 k9.6 k9.4 kUS Senate confirms Ketanji Brown Jackson for Supreme Court
533124 k24 k24 kUK clarifies foreign, domestic response to cost of living crisis
72625.2 k5.7 k5 kFinnish President, Prime Minister announce support for joining NATO
63614.5 k5.8 k4.4 kKoalas labeled as 'endangered' in eastern states of Australia
62628.7 k9.6 k8.5 kGSK rejects three Unilever bids to buy consumer healthcare arm, says unit…
5733.8 k8.1 k3.7 kTeenager fatally stabbed at Sydney Royal Easter Show in Australia
7195.4 k5.6 k5.3 kAustralian authorities probe rapid antigen test price gouging
62633.6 k15 k3.5 kU.S. government task force moves to alter place names containing racial s…
65514 k4.3 k3.9 kScientists discover seagrass off Australia is world's largest plant
6293.5 k3.7 k3.4 kTop Thrill Dragster roller coaster in Ohio, US permanently closed followi…
6293.2 k4 k3.1 kNorth Korean veteran statesman Ri Yong Mu dies aged 97
6354 k4.2 k3.9 kAustralian Open: Nadal wins 21st Grand Slam
55113.4 k4.4 k3.3 kAttack at Texas elementary school kills at least 19, including 18 children
5494.5 k5.8 k4.4 kEntomological Society of America renames invasive moth
6362.3 k2.5 k2.3 kTonga enters lockdown after detecting new COVID-19 cases
5456 k7.7 k5.9 kCowboys for Trump founder convicted of entering U.S. Capitol illegally du…
55313.6 k4.5 k3.5 kChina Eastern jet with 132 onboard crashes in Guangxi
6362.8 k4.4 k2.7 kUAE President Sheikh Khalifa dies at 73
6176.8 k6.7 k6.7 kElon Musk emails tell Tesla employees return to office, or "assume you ha…
53615.6 k8 k5.5 kScientists announce decoy-proof Ebola antibodies
34515 k15 k14 kBallarat candidates debate climate at election forum
54612.5 k7.2 k2.4 kVirginia reports suspected monkeypox case
4544.2 k6 k4.1 kRussian forces approach Ukraine's capital Kyiv
62512 k5.9 k2 kFire destroys central market in Somaliland's capital
5352.8 k5 k2.7 kBrothers Sunshine Coast pick up first win in senior rugby at Australia's …
6163.4 k3.5 k3.4 kFifty dead in floods, landslides across Northern, Eastern India
53014.8 k6.4 k4.7 kTen-year Tennessee study shows preschool associated with poorer student p…
427113 k14 k13 kMetropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick resigns amid criticism
4503.2 k5.2 k3.1 kChinese Foreign Minister visits India amid recent standoff in Ladakh
428110 k11 k10 kItalian President Sergio Mattarella re-elected for second term, ending su…
52319.2 k9.2 k8.9 kUK defers junk food deals, advertisement restrictions
5364.5 k7.7 k4.4 kAustralian cricketer Shane Warne dies aged 52
5314.3 k4.6 k4.2 kGunman kills three, wounds several others in Tel Aviv, Israel
53713.2 k4 k3.2 kIndia grants Novavax Covid-19 vaccine emergency use authorisation for teens
53513.1 k3.5 k3.1 kExplosions kill four in Laurel, Nebraska
3576.7 k7.2 k6.6 kUkraine's Zelenskyy accuses Russia of war crimes in address to UN
62012.4 k4.8 k2.4 kV/Line regional trains in Victoria, Australia disrupted after communicati…
5274.2 k4.3 k4.1 kUS warns its citizens to leave Ukraine as Russia could invade 'anytime'
5335.2 k6.1 k5.1 kPeltola defeats Palin, Begich in Alaska special election for US House of …
5352 k2.2 k2 kTexas identifies first death involving monkeypox
52713 k3.2 k3 kUkraine says it recaptured lost ground in war with Russia
5233.6 k3.9 k3.5 kIndian Prime Minister Modi attends 5th BIMSTEC summit virtually
5233.9 k5.5 k3.8 kJapanese PM Kishida visits India, discusses business partnership
51415.2 k5.2 k5.1 kNumismatic exhibition "Coins of the world" opens in Simferopol, Crimea
5225.1 k5.6 k5 kThree injured in drive-by shooting at Six Flags amusement park
5194 k4.6 k3.9 kFederal judge rejects hate crime plea in Arbery killing
52613.9 k4.7 k3.8 kLost Antarctic shipwreck from 1915 Shackleton expedition, Endurance, redi…
5224.7 k4.9 k4.6 kWashington D.C. football team replaces controversial name with "Commanders"
43613.6 k4.3 k3.5 kRussia threatens Wikipedia with 4 million ruble fine for coverage of war …
4273.5 k7.6 k3.5 kGrand Finals set in 2021-22 Sunshine Coast, Australia cricket season
5282.5 k3.3 k2.4 kInternational Labour Organization elects first African leader as director…
4267.9 k7.8 k7.7 kLoyalists suspected of threatening Irish Foreign Minister with fake bomb
4344.3 k5.2 k4.2 kICJ orders Russia to stop Ukrainian invasion 'immediately'
4293.3 k3.5 k3.2 kProud Boys chapter leader pleads guilty in US Capitol attack
5223.8 k3.9 k3.8 kPolyurethane plastic substitute can biodegrade in seawater, say scientists
4218.4 k8.2 k8.2 kEthics chief: UK PM's reforms after Partygate "highly unsatisfactory", wo…
42923.2 k4.2 k3.1 kRussia and China sign major gas pipeline deal for 30 years
4512.2 k2.4 k2.1 kHigh potential for wildfires across Texas for several days
5142.1 k2.2 k2.1 kFallen power cable kills 26 in Congo-Kinshasa
5143.3 k3.4 k3.2 kWestern Australia Nationals MP Vince Catania to resign from state parliam…
4255.8 k6.2 k5.7 kMotion on transgender women in sports defeated in Queensland Parliament
4223.8 k5.5 k3.7 kRussian photographer Viktor Pinchuk presents textbook in Simferopol, Crimea
4412.9 k3.4 k2.8 kClash between Palestinians and Israeli forces leaves at least 155 injured
4353.1 k3.7 k3 kIndia enters second day of a two-day nationwide general strike
42813.1 k3.3 k3 kIndian steel giant stops business with Russia
3383 k5.5 k3 kShell chief executive warns Europe may have to ration energy
42512.7 k2.8 k2.6 kUAE to impose corporate tax on business profits
3228.6 k8.5 k8.4 kFinancial Action Task Force places United Arab Emirates on money launderi…
41713.5 k3.6 k3.4 kUnited Nations denounces Russian annexation of Ukrainian territories
3179.7 k9.5 k9.5 kNorthern Ireland First Minister Paul Givan resigns over Brexit border che…
51323.5 k3.6 k3.5 kUS Representative Donald McEachin dies at age 61
41714 k4.1 k3.9 kPope Francis beatifies short-lived, 'smiling Pope' John Paul I
4213.5 k3.7 k3.4 kFormer US Secretary of State Albright dies aged 84
3199 k8.8 k8.8 kFirst deep space images from James Webb Space Telescope released
4263.7 k3.9 k3.6 kNorth Macedonia parliament votes for deal with Bulgaria, clearing way for…
42522.8 k3.7 k2.7 kUS President Biden says Russian President Putin must be ousted
3227.8 k8.2 k7.7 kCourt finds UK allowed undervalued Chinese imports into EU
3147.9 k7.7 k7.7 kBallarat residents protest for climate action
3383.8 k4.5 k3.8 kRanil Wickremesinghe sworn in as Sri Lankan President
4184.5 k4.9 k4.4 kCanada, Denmark agree to resolve Arctic border dispute
4202.6 k2.6 k2.5 kDeadly floods in Brazil after heavy rainfall
4232.8 k2.9 k2.7 kHurricane Fiona batters parts of Caribbean
4162.9 k2.9 k2.8 kJudith Durham, lead singer of The Seekers, dies at 79
4182.5 k2.6 k2.5 kG7 leaders warn Russia on unconventional weapons
23618.3 k8.3 k8.1 kIrish energy supplier Bord Gáis hikes rates for gas, electricity
41412.9 k3.4 k2.8 kUnited States bans importation of Russian fossil fuels
4113.7 k3.9 k3.7 kAmtrak to run services to Burlington, Vermont starting July 29
4162.7 k2.8 k2.6 kBBC apologises after 'Manchester United are rubbish' appears on news ticker
4143 k3 k2.9 kTrial for accused rapist of Brittany Higgins set to begin on June 27
3253.8 k4.2 k3.7 kSecond data recorder is found for China Eastern flight 5735
3233.2 k3.2 k3.1 kIndian capital New Delhi reports surge in COVID-19 cases
571571675571Category:2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine
3194.2 k4.3 k4.1 kShooting injures three at Kennywood amusement park in Pennsylvania, US
3204.9 k4.9 k4.8 kVictoria approves Delburn wind power farm in Australia
3202 k2.1 k2 kRussia withdraws from Chernobyl in Ukraine
3153.3 k3.8 k3.3 kNorth Korea offers amnesty to criminals, marking important holidays
3162.2 k2.3 k2.2 kPeru's top court restores pardon for ex-President Fujimori
3142.8 k2.8 k2.8 kInaugural African Protected Areas Congress closes
3202.5 k2.9 k2.5 kFlight recorder for fatal China Eastern flight 5735 crash found
3172.3 k2.3 k2.3 kUS attorney Michael Avenatti found guilty of stealing from client
31712.7 k2.8 k2.7 kFormer leader of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev dies at age 91
3122.2 k2.2 k2.2 kSouth African floods kill at least 300 people
663-32.8 k733Category:North America
2194.6 k5 k4.5 kLiz Truss becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
582-7493 kMore than 75 dead as Typhoon Rai sweeps through Philippines
2173.6 k3.6 k3.6 kIAEA inspectors visit Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant in Ukraine amid shelling…
2162.9 k2.9 k2.8 kUK Supreme Court will not hear Julian Assange's appeal against extradition
2192.4 k2.5 k2.3 kRussia expelled from Council of Europe
55203 k1.6 kCategory:South America
2182.7 k2.6 k2.6 kJapan hit by earthquake off coast of Fukushima
2153.2 k3.3 k3.2 kAlbania blames Iran for cyberattacks
2162.9 k3.1 k2.9 kKenya's supreme court upholds election result
2122.8 k2.8 k2.7 kChina issues preliminary report on China Eastern flight 5735
58301581.3 kCategory:United States
2131.7 k1.7 k1.6 kBandit ringleader arrested in Nigeria
2122.6 k2.6 k2.5 kPowerful earthquake strikes Papua New Guinea
341781799781Category:Brooklyn, New York
273.2 k3.2 k3.1 kPope Benedict XVI dies at age 95
331691.9 k299Category:Honda
383144069.7 kNew Zealand raises interest rates in second straight month to 0.75%
212668952668Category:International Labour Organization
29652652652Category:Rishi Sunak
175.6 k5.5 k5.5 k"National treasure": Former Brazilian footballer Pelé dies at age 82
3410101.3 kCategory:Politics and conflicts
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