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19 k41044.6 k6.3 k4.5 kUS state of Wisconsin holds 2020 election amidst COVID-19 concerns
162 k00Main Page
5.9 k3758952 k65 kIranian International Master Dorsa Derakhshani discusses her chess career…
2.7 k6792.1 k10 k4.5 kBangladesh reports five new deaths due to COVID-19, a daily highest
1.9 k7863.6 k5.7 k3.5 kBernie Sanders ends 2020 US presidential bid
53 k00African Union
3.5 k41123.4 k4.6 k3.3 kSARS-CoV-2 surpasses one million infections worldwide
2.7 k6652.6 k3.9 k2.5 kBernie Sanders endorses Joe Biden in 2020 United States presidential elec…
5.5 k4333.8 k4.6 k3.7 kEnglish mathematician John Horton Conway dies after contracting COVID-19
27 k13767676SARS-CoV-2
37 k00Ohio
37 k00Florida
34 k00United States
3.8 k5453 k3.5 k3 kElizabeth Warren endorses Joe Biden in 2020 US presidential election
32 k00Donald Trump
26 k00Elizabeth Warren
15 k00Gordon Brown
12 k00India defeat Pakistan in 2007 ICC World Twenty20 final
10 k00Vermont
1.8 k4647518.8 k200 in New Delhi, India drink cow urine to fight off COVID-19
48676154 k118 k52 kNeuroscientists tell Wikinews about empathy and harm aversion observed in…
1.6 k35158218813Category:COVID-19
6 k002007 ICC World Twenty20: England vs India
5.7 k00Oklahoma trooper on leave after altercation with ambulance personnel
5.3 k00Category:Politics and conflicts
5.2 k00test
1.4 k24-46706.4 kArizona, Florida, Illinois hold 2020 US presidential primaries; Ohio post…
5.1 k002007 Cricket World Cup: India vs Bangladesh
4.5 k00Category:North America
3.9 k00Category:Asia
3.7 k00FBI document reviews symbols used by pedophiles
2.9 k00Tsunami death toll updated
2.8 k00Dec. 2004 Sumatra quake was longest ever recorded
2.7 k00United States Supreme Court
1.4 k134910916 kWikinews discusses International Women's Day celebration with Mysore Divi…
2.6 k00Category:Europe
2.5 k002011 Cricket World Cup: India vs Bangladesh
1.3 k1212124.1 kFlorida frog skull survey shows spikes, say scientists
2.3 k00Category:Middle East
2.2 k00Category:Africa
1.1 k1212123.3 kUS President Trump declares COVID-19 national emergency
2 k00Category:Oceania
5753402 k2.7 k2 kSARS-CoV-2 surpasses one million confirmed infections in the United States
1.6 k00India's flag lands on Moon
1.2 k00Measles
1.2 k00Death of Nancy Benoit rumour posted on Wikipedia hours prior to body bein…
1.2 k00ICANN approves .xxx domain for pornography
1.1 k00Category:November 19, 2008
1 k00Category:South America
904002007 ICC World Twenty20: India vs New Zealand
89400New top level domain approved
807002007 Twenty20 World Championship: India vs Pakistan
797002007 ICC World Twenty20: South Africa vs India
48536-2724.5 kNative American groups sue US state of Montana over ballot law
69200Category:Central America
68300ICANN rejects .xxx top-level domain name proposal
61000Category:Topic cats with offset parameter
59000We'll always have .paris: ICANN votes for top level domain registration i…
3452.8 k3.5 k2.7 kBiden announces Kamala Harris as 2020 running mate in US presidential race
57800Category:Pages with defaulting non-local links
56700Cuba erects billboards depicting Abu Ghraib prisoners and swastika in res…
52900Adult-only TLD rejected by Internet body
511002007 Cricket World Cup: Sri Lanka vs India
49100ICANN top-level .xxx domain name not dead yet
48700American teenage girl charged with murder of her mother
48600Football: Suárez scores hat-trick as Barça thrashes Real Madrid 5-1
42900New top-level domain names created
1852388881 kCategory:Health
416002007 Cricket World Cup: India vs Bermuda
2741212122.7 kBritish mathematician Richard K. Guy dies at 103
38900NHL: Detroit wins the 2008 Stanley Cup
2911174746 kEuropean football: Real Madrid wins third consecutive Champions League be…
37800BBC News Online
25912-58583 kBernie Sanders wins 2020 Nevada caucuses
36300North Korean leader Kim Jong-il dead
36200Category:United Kingdom
35100Chris Benoit mystery editor confesses: claims "terrible coincidence"
34300US Secret Service agents face investigation for Colombian sex scandal
33900Real Madrid agrees with Chelsea FC to sign goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois
31600United Kingdom
30300Category:United States
1991217214.3 kTunisian Prime Minister signs decree to ban face veils in public institut…
29900UK police locate missing Chinese teen Mei Chen, silent on details
2104225783.3 k'Freedom Tower' renamed '1 World Trade Center'
1951220322.9 kInternational Criminal Court gives Myanmar till July 27 to respond on Roh…
8324-47692.4 kBernie Sanders wins 2020 Northern Mariana Islands US Democratic president…
28400Israeli Health minister Ya'akov Litzman resigns in protest after Jews mad…
632532450534Category:Indian Railways
1911127273.9 kIndia: Jodhpur police arrests man for 'sacrifice' of four-year-old daught…
1861180803.5 kGerman beer company Eichbaum issues public apology for printing Saudi Ara…
5923361528.1 kBloomberg, Warren end US presidential campaigns following Super Tuesday
443311175131.2 kCategory:Iran
25200New York City resident stranded in west African country of Ghana due to g…
622710192490Category:Mahinda Rajapaksa
522278782.7 kFidel Castro temporarily hands power to his brother Raul
32253363646.6 kProtest held against Muhammad caricatures in Paris
1331272725.6 kFootball: Atlético Madrid beats Marseille 3-0 to win third Europa League …
3944201.4 k853Category:Joe Biden
24500¡La Undécima!: Real Madrid wins 2015-16 UEFA Champions League 5-3 on pena…
24500Real Madrid
23900State-run bus crashes in Cuba en route to Havana, killing seven
23600Police shoot man dead after 'terrorist-related' knife attack in London
1401196961.1 kCategory:Islam
23300Bystanders foil knife-weilding man on London Bridge with fire extinguishe…
23300Conservative Party wins majority in 2019 UK general election
13611-885.5 kSpanish Football Federation sacks Lopetegui as team's head coach one day …
1091331313 kSpanish football: Juanfran signs one-year contract extension with Atlétic…
22000Metropolitan Police
22000Football (soccer)
1061212128.5 kStores in Australia lower toilet paper limits per transaction
219002007/08 UEFA Champions League: Chelsea vs. Liverpool
252422425 kSerbian Football Association complain about Swiss footballers Xhaka, Shaq…
21500Tv star Reem Shaikh and Music Director Vaibhav Saxena's latest song Aaja …
21400Coronavirus surpasses 1 million infections worldwide
21300Sixth confirmed COVID-19 death in Bangladesh
2422-26605.6 kUber London to lose operator licence after September
19222126321Category:Abandoned, to be deleted in 6 days
20800North Yorkshire Police
20700British Transport Police
20600Football: Manchester City beats Chelsea 2-0 to win English Community Shield
37220481.6 kCategory:Australia
19800Football: Cristiano Ronaldo leaves Real Madrid for Juventus
19700US announces restrictions on flying to Cuba
196002007 Cricket World Cup: Australia vs South Africa
19500Category:Kim Jong-un
19500Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
18800Middle East
18500Australia now recognises West Jerusalem as Israeli capital, Prime Ministe…
1922-123514Category:Mahathir Mohamad
18300Turkey's President Erdogan proposes converting Hagia Sophia Museum to mos…
18200German government considers introducing mosque taxes, like church taxes
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