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3.8 k71177.4 k23 k7.3 kUnited States military kills Qasem Soleimani
1 k411313 k22 k13 kGreek prime minister reaffirms EastMed pipeline project is open for other…
3.7 k5623.2 k3.7 k3.1 kStudy: people infected by new coronavirus 'likely' hundreds more than con…
1.2 k6563.5 k6.3 k3.4 kGerman authorities confirm first case of novel coronavirus in Germany
9797823.2 k4.4 k3.1 kFormer basketball player Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash, aged 41
3.4 k4412.5 k3.1 k2.5 kIran admits downing Ukrainian jet, cites 'human error'
1.7 k5512.8 k3.6 k2.8 kIraqi Parliament votes for expulsion of United States troops
2.1 k3505 k6.5 k4.9 kSeismic activity continues to shake Puerto Rico with 5.2 quake
1.5 k4533.9 k5.2 k3.8 kFire erupts in parking structure at Sola Airport, Norway
1.6 k3378.5 k8.5 k8.3 kCairo summit denounces Turkish-Libyan maritime border agreement
1.2 k4512 k2.5 k2 kStampede during funeral procession of Qasem Soleimani causes deaths, dela…
3.1 k3261.6 k1.8 k1.5 kUkrainian president rejects prime minister's resignation over leaked audi…
1.9 k3404.1 k4.3 k4 kSultan Qaboos of Oman dies
1.3 k4362.9 k3.9 k2.8 kU.S. House to decide on submitting articles of impeachment to Senate
1.8 k4295318238.7 kSamoan government ends state of emergency over measles outbreak
3.9 k1215933 kDec. 2004 Sumatra quake was longest ever recorded
1.5 k34018 k1.3 kCategory:Africa
3.7 k00India defeat Pakistan in 2007 ICC World Twenty20 final
3.6 k00Category:North America
3.6 k00Category:Asia
3.1 k00Category:Middle East
3 k00Oklahoma trooper on leave after altercation with ambulance personnel
2.7 k00Category:Europe
2.4 k00Category:Oceania
2.3 k00Category:Politics and conflicts
2.3 k00Category:Crime and law
1.1 k1212125.3 kRadio host Don Imus dies aged 79
2.2 k00Category:Science and technology
2.2 k00Category:Obituaries
2.2 k00Category:Health
2.2 k00Category:Economy and business
2.1 k00Category:Environment
2.1 k00Category:Sports
2 k00Category:Education
1.9 k00India's flag lands on Moon
1.8 k00Category:Disasters and accidents
1.8 k00Category:Wackynews
1.7 k00Category:Culture and entertainment
1.6 k00Category:South America
1.5 k00OJ Simpson found guilty in kidnapping, armed robbery case
5823553574.4 kUS House of Representatives impeaches President Trump
78700Category:United Kingdom
6561210102 kTyphoon Phanfone strikes Philippines
66800Category:Central America
37523118118118Iraqi parliament votes for expulsion of United States troops
4091115153.1 kTsunami death toll updated
77310694708694Category:Impeachment of Donald Trump
40200Media speculate over possible presidential bid by Michael Bloomberg
13825308101.7 kCategory:Review
2711212124.5 kUS Federal judge rules American Samoans are citizens, then delays impleme…
38200Death of Nancy Benoit rumour posted on Wikipedia hours prior to body bein…
31500Entire fossilized forest found in Illinois, USA
81210821465.9 kScientology protest group celebrates founder's birthday worldwide/Coordin…
30800Study: people infected of new coronavirus 'likely' in hundreds
30300Wuhan: officials shut off transportation to contain novel coronavirus out…
9023196196196Greek prime minister reaffirms EastMed project is open to join
72251541586 kSamoan government temporarily shuts down for nationwide measles vaccinati…
53294774774.1 kWhite House refuses to release climate policy documents
27900Cyprus, Greece and Israel sign EastMed pipeline agreement
1251.5 k2.2 k1.4 k2020 United States presidential election: Trump, Sanders win New Hampshir…
5125658712 kU.S. House issues subpoena to secretary of state as special envoy to Ukra…
41211354390354Category:Qasem Soleimani
7623-4532273Category:Prepared stories
422571896.5 kUS Speaker Pelosi announces Trump impeachment investigation
442101283904 kPresident Bush urges progress on Palestinian state
3525398398398Category:Jacob Zuma
3724-2162483.5 kNew company to research artificial brain
2426400646400Category:Iraqi Parliament
22-682.7 kBush claims violence in Iraq down to lowest level for four years
24600Iran launches missiles on Iraqi air bases used by coalition forces
4723159159159Iran admits downing of Ukrainian jet, calls 'human error'
3123420420420Category:Laura Bush
43241582582.9 kUS presidential candidate Dodd applauded by League of Conservation
24300Iran abandons nuclear deal over US killing general
3624235235235Category:World Health Organization
2724848884Parliament of Iraq
3224848884Iraqi Council of Representatives
24242772771.8 kClinton to suspend campaign
622-65265211 kPope John Paul II dies
312341634.1 kU.S. House formalizes rules for Trump impeachment proceedings
2624848884Iraqi Parliament
2723-1892272 kFelipe Massa wins 2006 Turkish Grand Prix
3123838383Qasem Soleimani
22200ESPN trades Al Michaels for "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit"
21232112112.7 kVeteran journalist David Frost dies aged 74
2024848884Council of Representatives of Iraq
242262621082004 Indian Ocean Tsunami
1923787878Laura Bush
2123-20842.9 kTwo Iraqi MPs killed in bombing at parliament
222229353.3 kIraq removes Saddam references from flag
1423959595Impeachment of Donald Trump
152257571.5 kU.S. and U.K. governments warn citizens against travelling to areas hit b…
922-1541545.6 kInvestigation into US Airways river ditching in New York completed
162230344.1 kIraqi government approves power-sharing deal eight months after elections
152230342 kDraft constitution pushed into Iraqi parliament
142229352.9 kIraq election commission refuses recount of votes from parliamentary elec…
132229351.7 kIraqi lawmakers delay vote on electoral law
132230342.3 kIraqi parliament approves delayed election law
122229351.5 kIraqi parliament approves election law
19800Google Maps incorporates satellite images
102221213.6 kWHO starts simultaneous immunization campaigns in over 100 countries
19000Hidden treasure worth billions of dollars discovered in Indian temple
3715649761649Category:Executive Office of the President of the United States
18300Former NBA player Kobe Bryant dies at age 41
18200Main page
15224104668Category:Michelle Obama
17800Iranian ballistic missile attack on Iraqi air bases
59146183.8 kGreta Thunberg named 2019 Time Person of the Year
15400US Treasury Department unveils new ten-dollar bill
14000World War II veteran regains use of second eye after freak accident
421212125.4 kBystanders foil knife-weilding man on London Bridge with fire extinguishe…
1812523523627Category:2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami
13100Philippines' Taal volcano danger remains at high alert for seventh day
1812364364364Category:Kyriakos Mitsotakis
241358582.5 kNepal Maoists begin strike to overthrow government
12900Police tear gas Hong Kong anti-Communist rally
129191145Maxine Waters on trial for House ethics charges
129191173USDA employee Shirley Sherrod to sue blogger Andrew Breitbart
12700Pennsylvania state trooper found guilty of first-degree murder
12-36364 kCyclone Laila lashes across India's Eastern coastline
12-9113.2 kEU warns Microsoft: forthcoming Vista risks antitrust breach
12300Greek prime minister reaffirms EastMed project is open to join for Turkey
1313355355355Category:Presidents of South Africa
713-16521165Category:Category pages which require a flag
18129191159Prosecutors to not try former VP Gore
11600United States House votes to send Trump impeachment to Senate
11500Former bastketball player Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash, aged 41
1212-2842844.3 k5.9 magnitude earthquake in Pichilemu, Chile revives fears of new tragedy
2113878787Kyriakos Mitsotakis
181242422.4 kNepal plane crash kills 19
11244244294Category:Brampton, Ontario
11300Philippines’ Taal volcano spews more ashes, remain alert level 4
14129191167According to new study, loneliness as unhealthy as smoking and alcoholism
11200Stampede during burial of Qasem Soleimani
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