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40 k44136574 k412Category:North America
35 k47131336 k1.5 kCategory:Europe
3.5 k5111213 k16 k13 kStudents compete in second international Neurosurgery Olympiad in Tyumen,…
41 k51242265 k1.2 kCategory:Asia
42 k341-610621Category:Crime and law
28 k371302461.2 kCategory:Oceania
40 k2328421.2 kCategory:Economy and business
39 k23-2648940Category:Health
2.1 k7161412 k19 k12 kU.S. House issues subpoena to secretary of state as special envoy to Ukra…
4.2 k7875.8 k7.6 k5.7 kThousands march in anti-Brexit protest, London
3 k81054.4 k10 k4.3 kConservative Party wins majority in 2019 UK general election
31 k223333331.5 kCategory:Middle East
2.8 k518136.5 k11 k6.4 kUS Speaker Pelosi announces Trump impeachment investigation
5.2 k7623.6 k4.5 k3.5 kNotre Dame in Paris catches fire
22 k3534741.6 kCategory:South America
5.3 k7623.3 k5.1 k3.2 kBoris Johnson elected Conservative leader, slated to be Britain's next Pr…
4.3 k6765.8 k8.3 k5.6 kTurkey's President Erdogan proposes converting Hagia Sophia Museum to mos…
4.9 k57016 k9.1 k5.9 kUS House of Representatives holds two Cabinet officers in criminal contem…
20 k233513511.3 kCategory:Central America
5.8 k7402.7 k2.8 k2.6 k540 million private Facebook records found on public Internet
16 k232152151.3 kCategory:Africa
2.5 k51333.2 k7.8 k3.2 kHurricane Dorian strengthens to Category 5, makes landfall in the Bahamas
7 k4463.1 k4.6 k3.1 kMan sets himself on fire outside US White House
3.2 k61103.8 k5.8 k3.7 kGreta Thunberg named 2019 Time Person of the Year
3.3 k7705.5 k6.1 k5.4 kBystanders foil knife-weilding man on London Bridge with fire extinguishe…
3.5 k55611 k11 k10 kWikinews investigates disappearance of Indonesian cargo ship Namse Bangdzod
2.7 k6698.1 k8.1 k7.9 kFan Expo Canada 2019 offers celebrities, cosplay, panels
56 k00Oklahoma trooper on leave after altercation with ambulance personnel
4.5 k6503.2 k3.6 k3.1 kFour teenagers shot at Pennsylvania graduation party
3.7 k74912 k2.4 k1.9 kSouth African 'Lion Man' killed by his lions
4 k6593.7 k3.9 k3.6 kFrench inventor Franky Zapata successfully crosses English Channel on jet…
41 k112525959Category:Obituaries
2.2 k315216.2 k8.7 k6 kAftershocks increase death toll of magnitude 6.3 earthquake in southern P…
3.2 k4946.4 k9.8 k6.3 kU.S. judge orders release of President Trump's tax records, appeals court…
5.8 k3474.2 k5.2 k4.1 kHoly Headdress of Christ carried in procession through streets of Cahors,…
38 k1127271.1 kCategory:Education
3.3 k6633.8 k3.9 k3.7 kCalifornia court sentences parents who kept their children in captivity
2.2 k4906.5 k12 k6.3 kPuerto Rico Supreme Court removes Governor Pierluisi; Wanda Vázquez becom…
2.6 k58316.7 k8.8 k6.5 kGunman opens fire in El Paso, Texas superstore; more than 20 dead
5.6 k4374.5 k4.7 k4.4 kHundreds of Hong Kong district council seats go to pro-democracy candidates
2.9 k7344.1 k4.3 k4 kHong Kong protests continue through police opposition, rainstorms
4.7 k5423.1 k5 k3.1 kTaiwan's legislature first in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage
43 k00Category:Politics and conflicts
43 k00Category:Sports
2.8 k5665.8 k6.8 k5.7 kScientists report two life-saving treatments for Ebola
3.9 k5494.5 k4.9 k4.4 kScientific study suggests dinosaurs flapped their wings as they ran
42 k00Category:Science and technology
3.5 k4538.9 k9.6 k8.7 kToronto Comicon 2019 welcomes fans with celebrities, creativity, cosplay
2.2 k55619 k19 k19 kWikinews interviews 2020 US Libertarian Party presidential candidate Adam…
2.3 k5746 k7.7 k5.8 kSamoan government temporarily shuts down for nationwide measles vaccinati…
3.7 k5555.6 k6.7 k5.4 kNew Zealand mosque murder suspect appears in court at Christchurch
5.6 k2477.9 k8 k7.7 kToronto's Anime North 2019 brings thousands of fans together
39 k00Category:Environment
3.4 k5555.5 k6.1 k5.4 kSlippery business: Materials scientists invent new coating for self-clean…
2.8 k46013 k14 k13 kMale Magellanic penguins pine for pairings: Wikinews interviews biologist…
4.6 k5491.7 k1.9 k1.7 kNickey Iyambo, former vice-president of Namibia, dies aged 82
1.5 k78042.4 k4.3 k2.3 kIndonesian security minister Wiranto stabbed
38 k00Ohio man arrested for cutting grass in public park
1.9 k5665 k7.8 k4.9 kKurds announce deal with Assad's government as Turkey invades Syria's nor…
38 k00India defeat Pakistan in 2007 ICC World Twenty20 final
3.8 k53824.2 k4.7 k4.1 kSixteen states sue U.S. President Trump to stop declaration of emergency …
3.2 k3707.2 k9.5 k7.1 kHungarian state-owned enterprise acquires Hirtenberger Defence Group
2.9 k5536 k6.5 k5.9 kStudy indicates as great white shark disappears, living fossil moves in
2.5 k48213.1 k7.4 k3 kHickenlooper ends US presidential bid, senate run possible
35 k00Category:Disasters and accidents
35 k00Category:Wackynews
35 k00Category:Culture and entertainment
2.5 k4684.5 k7.4 k4.4 kPuerto Rico governor announces resignation following protests
2.4 k5644.4 k4.8 k4.3 kPresident Trump says he 'can' and 'may' put US into state of emergency to…
4.4 k3453.1 k9.9 k3 kWikinews attends Maker Faire in Tyler, Texas
1.8 k410434.2 k6.4 k4.1 kCanada 2019 general election produces Liberal minority government
1.9 k47116.3 k7.4 k6.1 kUK Supreme Court rules prorogation of parliament unlawful
2.8 k48914.4 k5.6 k4.3 kUS House of Representatives impeaches President Trump
2.2 k73513.5 k7.1 k3.4 kHong Kong leader announces withdrawal of extradition bill
2.3 k6483.2 k3.7 k3.1 kKennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan stabbed in California prison
1.9 k56815.2 k5.6 k5.1 kWorld War II era plane crashes in Connecticut, US, killing at least seven
2.9 k55412.6 k4.4 k2.5 kMissing New York City chef Andrea Zamperoni found dead
2.5 k6622 k3.7 k1.9 kEarthquake injures 25 people in southern Philippines
19 k1130307.8 k2007 Cricket World Cup: India vs Bangladesh
3.2 k45913.4 k5.5 k3.3 kTropical Depression Three of 2019 approaches Florida before dissipating
1.6 k4736 k6.4 k5.8 kFiancée of murdered Saudi journalist demands justice at UN General Assembly
3.2 k4553 k3.6 k2.9 kFormer Trump advisor, Paul Manafort, receives second sentence in U.S. Fed…
1.8 k56014.5 k5.5 k4.4 kBrother of murdered Pakistani social media star sentenced to life
2.6 k4624.5 k5.8 k4.4 kAstronomers find water vapour in atmosphere of exoplanet K2-18b
2 k6344 k4.3 k3.9 kScientists describe how 'upside-down rivers' of warm water break Antarcti…
22 k00Pennsylvania state trooper found guilty of first-degree murder
6.2 k2223.9 k4 k3.8 kTexas federal judge says drafting only men violates United States Constit…
2.6 k47124.2 k6.1 k4.1 kU.S. House formalizes rules for Trump impeachment proceedings
2.7 k4525 k5.5 k4.9 kWorld leaders call to address Amazon rainforest fires at G7
1.8 k6413.1 k3.5 k3.1 kEngineer killed while working on travelator at London Waterloo station
3.7 k4233.7 k3.9 k3.6 kHong Kong protesters surround downtown police complex
2 k4438.1 k8 k7.9 kUS President Trump announces troop withdrawal from Syria
3.6 k3326.4 k6.3 k6.2 kHundreds arrested for 'dark web' child porn by international task force
1.8 k4903 k4 k2.9 kCosmonaut Alexei Leonov dies at age 85
3 k3655 k5.8 k4.9 kBenin, Nigeria join African Union continental free trade bloc
3.3 k4274.3 k5 k4.2 kTunisian Prime Minister signs decree to ban face veils in public institut…
2.6 k5382.9 k3.7 k2.9 kLouisiana declares state of emergency as Tropical Storm Barry approaches …
2.8 k3673.3 k3.3 k3.2 kWikinews attends Texas Haunters Convention
2 k38825.3 k6.6 k5.2 kUS Representative Elijah Cummings dies at age 68
1.9 k5556 k8.3 k5.9 kActor Doris Day dies at 97
16 k002007 Cricket World Cup: India vs Bermuda
3 k43212.9 k3.2 k2.8 kRetired US Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens dies
2 k5345.8 k6.2 k5.7 kScientists report correlation between locations of Easter Island statues …
3.1 k3405.9 k5.9 k5.7 kArrest made as mayor of Gdańsk, Poland stabbed on stage
2.1 k5503.4 k4 k3.3 kNew Hampshire crash kills seven, including former US Marines
4.2 k3432.4 k2.8 k2.4 kGovernor of US state of Alabama signs state anti-abortion measure
4.5 k2445.3 k5.5 k5.2 kSpaceX Crew Dragon capsule docks with International Space Station
3.5 k3514.7 k5.1 k4.6 kResearchers break down deaths due to power plant pollution in the United …
2.3 k36114.4 k5.6 k4.3 kHurricane Dorian leaves trail of destruction in the Bahamas
1.9 k36716.9 k8.2 k6.7 kLongtime leader of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe dies aged 95
2 k5365.3 k6.2 k5.2 kUK urges US to waive immunity for diplomat's wife involved in fatal colli…
1.8 k39513.9 k5.3 k3.8 kTropical Storm Humberto upgraded to hurricane status
2.5 k3338.9 k9.4 k8.7 kUS study finds correlation between youth suicide, household gun ownership
1.9 k6243 k3 k2.9 kState-run bus crashes in Cuba en route to Havana, killing seven
3.5 k2328.8 k9 k8.6 kFur fans flock to Toronto's Furnal Equinox 2019
2.8 k3673.2 k4.2 k3.2 kUS announces restrictions on flying to Cuba
2.2 k4523.4 k3.9 k3.4 kLost 52 Project announces discovery of wrecked sub near Okinawa
10 k00Dec. 2004 Sumatra quake was longest ever recorded
3.2 k3353.3 k3.9 k3.2 kDriver in New Hampshire multi-motorcycle crash pleads not guilty
2.9 k3484.5 k5.8 k4.4 kU.S. heiress, designer, and author Gloria Vanderbilt dies at 95
1.4 k4484.6 k5.7 k4.5 kThai political party withdraws nomination of princess for prime minister
1.7 k4672.6 k3.5 k2.5 kSitting Tongan Prime Minister Akilisi Pohiva dies aged 78
3.1 k3352.9 k3.6 k2.8 kCharlottesville, Virginia killer sentenced to life in prison
1.9 k37733.5 k5.2 k3.4 kHurricane Humberto strengthens to Category 3 while approaching Bermuda
1.9 k44814.3 k5 k4.2 kVoracious fish defend coral reefs against warming, say scientists
3.4 k34411.8 k2.6 k1.7 kNine jailed over sexual abuse in Bradford, England children's home
2.2 k4363.5 k3.7 k3.4 kSinger-songwriter Robert Hunter dies, aged 78
2.7 k3443.8 k4.3 k3.7 kOil facilities in Saudi Arabia hit by drone attacks
1.7 k3515.4 k6.9 k8.2 kMagnitogorsk apartment building collapses after explosion, dozens dead
2.8 k3474.6 k5.4 k4.5 kUS Federal judge rules American Samoans are citizens, then delays impleme…
1.8 k5273 k3 k2.9 kHotel fire kills at least seventeen in Karol Bagh, New Delhi
3.6 k2364.9 k5.5 k4.8 kNew studies may bring slug-made glues closer to use in medicine
2.7 k42712.7 k3 k2.6 kUS Department of Justice investigating Ford over emissions testing problems
1.3 k44815.2 k6.2 k5.1 kScientists report skyrocketing phytoplankton population in aftermath of K…
1.9 k4444.3 k5 k4.2 kQueen Elizabeth agrees to suspend UK Parliament ahead of Brexit deadline
2.5 k3474.8 k5.1 k4.6 kCoalition authorities report no casualties from missile strike on Iraqi a…
1.8 k5243.6 k4.9 k3.5 kPolice shoot teenage protester as Hong Kong demonstrations continue
2.1 k3387.2 k7.5 k7 kEuropean Court of Justice says Facebook must remove 'illegal' posts globa…
2.8 k3424.2 k4.3 k4.1 kAncient Egyptians collected wild ibis birds for sacrifice, says study
1.6 k3524.8 k5.1 k4.7 kPuerto Rico's governor Rosselló resigns, new governor sworn in
2.1 k4363.8 k4.2 k3.7 kUS President Trump says Osama bin Laden's son killed
1.7 k4432.4 k2.5 k2.3 kEliud Kipchoge of Kenya runs marathon under two hours
1.6 k35115.1 k5.3 k5 kMillions don't turn up to 'storm' US airbase for extraterrestrial evidence
1.8 k5244.7 k4.6 k4.6 kNancy Pelosi again elected Speaker as 116th U.S. Congress sworn in
1.4 k5272.4 k2.5 k2.3 kNorway's Warholm wins gold in 400 m hurdles at World Championships in Doha
2 k4263.3 k3.3 k3.2 kMockumentary Mister America has world premiere
1.8 k4274 k4.2 k3.9 kIran's President Rouhani tells foreign powers to leave Persian Gulf
1.8 k4274.2 k4.3 k4.1 kScottish court finds suspension of UK parliament unlawful
1.5 k3514.1 k4.5 k4 kUK Prime Minister Johnson suspends parliament for five weeks as Brexit de…
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