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16 January 2018

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41542577410083.9 kUnited States: State of Hawaii criticized by head of Federal Communicatio…
1304353.1 k3.7 k3 kAirborne sedan smashes into dental office in Santa Ana, California, US
2832501202 kTurkey: Aircraft skids off runway toward Black Sea
32411224942 kBBC newsreader Alagiah to undergo treatment for bowel cancer
45400Ash-triggered flight disruptions cost airlines $1.7 billion
253223427.8 kBritish surfers catch more than waves: Scientists find antibiotic-resista…
133.1 k3.1 k3.1 kUnited States: One person dead after boat to offshore casino burns off Fl…
4224112701.5 kScaffolding collapses in Copenhagen
8413128128128Airborne sedan smashes into dental office in Santa Ana
822-115359Category:Tony Abbott
15600Austrian man kept daughter prisoner in cellar for 24 years
15100Category:Politics and conflicts
15100Category:Crime and law
14700Category:Science and technology
14700Israel issues travel ban on 20 non-government organizations over pro-Pale…
14600Category:Economy and business
13400Category:Disasters and accidents
12300United States: At least fifteen dead in Southern California after rain ca…
12200Category:Culture and entertainment
311213136 kUnited States: New York City mayoral swear-in to pair potential 2020 pres…
11000Saudi Arabia: Princes arrested after protesting austerity
191212123.2 kFootball: Liverpool reaches agreement with Southampton FC to sign van Dijk
10200Category:North America
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913474789Santa Ana, California
71254542.7 kFirst suicide attack since Israeli pullout occurs in Beersheba
51254542.2 kAncient neanderthal protein sequenced
12112192192.4 kGermanwings crash victims identified
511253253315Category:Santa Ana, California
7120421.9 k"Shrinking Cities" debuts in Detroit, Michigan
1011393939Category:CC BY-ND 2.5 IN
61120201.2 kIsraeli F-16 fighter jet crashes, pilot killed
61120203.5 kFighting in Gaza sparks riots in West Bank
51128282 kFearing protests, Israel seals off West Bank
51128282.5 kIsraeli police and Palestinians clash in Jerusalem
51128286.1 kPalestinians, Israelis clash in Jerusalem over construction at Temple Mount
51128286.9 kArabs react to Israeli debate on Jerusalem's Holy sites
51121214.8 kSpain beat Ukraine 4-0 in Group H
51120205.5 kStatement of "joint understanding" released after Annapolis Conference
41128282.3 kIsrael to webcast al-Aqsa mosque excavations
41121214.3 kNetherlands ease to 1-0 win in Group C
41121214.2 kApes and birds are able to plan ahead: psychologists
31121211.8 k2007 German League Cup: Bayern Munich wins 6th League Cup
31121212.8 kFootball: World Cup Draw for 2006
711001.8 kSon of former US VP Al Gore arrested for drug possession
7300Category:Middle East
6600'Flying' sedan smashes into dental office in Santa Ana
6600Sexy video clips influence young girls more than boys, study shows
6200Surfers catch more than waves: Scientists find antibiotic-resistant bacte…
5100Mysterious dimming of Tabby's star likely due to space dust, not alien su…
5000FanFiction.Net adult content purge felt across fandom two weeks on
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