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8 January 2018

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4883171021723.4 kSaudi Arabia: Princes arrested after protesting austerity
60294.2 k4.1 k4.1 kIsrael issues travel ban on 20 non-government organizations over pro-Pale…
15800Category:Science and technology
15700Mysterious dimming of Tabby's star likely due to space dust, not alien su…
15100Category:Politics and conflicts
15000Category:Crime and law
15000Category:Economy and business
116536538.2 kUnited States Senate prepares for floor vote on net neutrality
13300Category:Disasters and accidents
12800Category:Culture and entertainment
1232322.8 kMonster.com aquires Yahoo's HotJobs service for $225 million
11300Category:North America
161212122.3 kAfghanistan: More than 40 killed in explosions in Kabul
11161616Category:February 25, 2018
11161616Category:February 28, 2018
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11113.3 kYahoo adds Creative Commons search for locating reusable content
11112.2 kYahoo announces closure of Briefcase
11113.3 kWolfram Research’s new product Alpha to compete with Google and Wikipedia
111113 kWikinews interviews New York bar owner on Santorum cocktail
11112.3 kWikimedia announces Yahoo! support
11112 kSharp declines in Intel, Yahoo lead tech stocks lower
11113.9 kYahoo chooses Dublin as location of new European Headquarters
11113.5 kVerizon to acquire Yahoo!
11116.9 kSantorum neologism spreads to Romney
11113.7 kYahoo! to purge personal data after 3 months
11112.8 kYahoo!7 and Xtra New Zealand's website launched
11113.4 kYahoo!7 creates joint venture with Xtra
11112.5 kYahoo! snaps up Flickr
11111.8 kYahoo triples its quarterly profit on strong advertising revenue
11112.1 kYahoo launches new Podcast Search
11112.5 kYahoo releases mobile phone search engine
11114.8 kYahoo closes user-created chat rooms over sexual conduct
11116.7 kSavage on Santorum on Savage
11111.4 kMicrosoft buys online ad firm Aquantive for $6 billion
11112 kMicrosoft bids $44 billion for Yahoo!
11113.2 kMicrosoft drops bid for Yahoo
11111.9 kNew Internet addresses tested on World IPv6 Day
11119.4 kSantorum neologism gains prominence during US election cycle
11111.6 kNSW Opposition leader uses Yahoo Answers to query voters
11112.4 kMicrosoft and Yahoo! link their instant messaging services
11112.9 kMicrosoft's attempt to buy out Yahoo may never happen
11112.1 kGoogle finds Microsoft bid for Yahoo 'troubling'
11112.2 kGoogle and Yahoo remain on the top of the U.S. web search market
11112.2 kMicrosoft and Yahoo team up to make IM clients compatible
11112.6 kGoogle refuses to hand over logs to US Department of Justice
11115.8 kIndia seeks web crackdown after failed talks with industry
11112.3 kFlickr launches video-sharing service
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9300England: Multi-storey carpark in Liverpool gutted by fire, 1,300 vehicles…
9000Massive blackouts hit Florida
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7800Scaffolding collapses in Copenhagen
211116.1 k'Imagine a world without free knowledge', in Russia
6700Man arrested on charge of murdering Christa Worthington
6600Shooting rampage in Orlando, Florida leaves one dead, seven injured
6500Mother, brother of singer Jennifer Hudson found murdered, others reported…
6400Pastor of Florida church cancels plans to burn Qur'an, later reconsiders
6300Sexy video clips influence young girls more than boys, study shows
6100Category:Middle East
5800Tennis: Andy Murray withdraws from Australian Open
5300India wraps up Test cricket series win in England
5300Category:United States
5300Tsunami death toll updated
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