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2 k6825.4 k7.8 k5.3 kAstronomers report dwarf star with unexpectedly giant planet
3 k54525.9 k6.6 k5.8 kU.S. government report says climate change is human-made
2.2 k5625.1 k6.8 k5 kPoland: Thousands of far-right nationalists gather in Warsaw to march for…
17 k00Ash-triggered flight disruptions cost airlines $1.7 billion
1.1 k63113.6 k3.6 k3.5 kZimbabwe: Robert Mugabe resigns presidency after military coup, threat of…
83857925.7 k8.4 k5.6 kTime magazine refutes US President Donald Trump's Twitter claim he was no…
1.4 k5322.1 k2.6 k2 kDR Congo: Train crash kills more than 30 in Lualaba province
1.8 k43913.6 k3.6 k3.5 kQatar appoints four women to its law-drafting Shura Council
1 k5343.5 k3.5 k3.4 kCharles Manson, serving nine life sentences for 1969 murders, dies aged 83
1.8 k4383.4 k4 k3.3 kGunman kills at least four in shooting in Rancho Tehama, California
1.1 k5362.4 k2.7 k2.4 kSingapore announces driverless buses on public roads from 2022
1.3 k4344.4 k4.4 k4.3 kResearchers report rapid formation of new bird species in Galápagos islands
1.1 k42613.1 k3.7 k3 kFootball: Messi signs contract extension with FC Barcelona
1.3 k611231376.2 kPuerto Rico power company cancels US$300 million Whitefish contract
1.3 k34117185.2 k5.3 kTurkey, US embassies resume issuing non-immigrant visas
9595344 k4.2 k3.9 kItalian footballer Andrea Pirlo announces retirement
1.6 k3811457.3 k3.6 kKazakhstan: President Nazarbayev signs decree to change Kazakh characters…
1.3 k2233 k3 k2.9 kItalian court sentences Brazilian footballer Robinho to nine years for 20…
4.4 k00Arrest made in Jennifer Hudson family killings
4.3 k00Pennsylvania state trooper found guilty of first-degree murder
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4 k00Category:Crime and law
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3.9 k00Category:Economy and business
3.9 k00Category:Politics and conflicts
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3.6 k00Category:Health
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3.3 k00Category:Disasters and accidents
3.3 k00Mother, brother of singer Jennifer Hudson found murdered, others reported…
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3.2 k00Category:North America
26475417.3 k9.1 k7.2 k'Paradise Papers' reveal tax shelters for companies, politicians, royalty
5614346.1 k6.4 k6 kIsraeli Health minister Ya'akov Litzman resigns in protest after Jews mad…
2.3 k00Category:Asia
3.7 k22102857Category:Environment
2 k00Category:Europe
1 k11120120120Time magazine refutes Donald Trump's Twitter claim he was nominated 'Pers…
2745695.5 k10 k5.4 k'Science of Victory': international project in memory of legendary Cus D'…
2 k00Blogspot ban lifted in Pakistan
1.9 k00Tsunami death toll updated
1.9 k00Sexy video clips influence young girls more than boys, study shows
1.9 k00Category:Central America
1.8 k00Man arrested on charge of murdering Christa Worthington
1.6 k00Category:Oceania
7272242.9 k3 k2.8 kTennis: Nadal withdraws from Paris Masters, suffers from knee injury
1.4 k00Category:South America
1.2 k00Health
99000Category:Middle East
2592738.1 k10 k11 kNew book by Ellen Pao, former Chief Executive of Reddit, explores sexism …
1147356871.5 k3.8 kUnited States tax reform to include repeal of individual mandate
1685472.5 k4 k2.5 kBill Gates pledges to donate US$50 million for research on Alzheimer's di…
2324404.3 k4.8 k4.2 kKeystone Pipeline suffers massive spill in South Dakota
11451314.3 k4.3 k4.2 kCBSE Orders Compulsory Psychometric Test of All CBSE School Staffs
1225142.7 k3.8 k4.4 kEquifax internal report clears executives of insider trading
10142532.4 k2.7 k2.3 kIndia: herd of donkeys granted bail after being locked up in Uttar Prades…
5351312122.6 kCMHC: housing market in Canada 'highly vulnerable'
64000FBI says Jennifer Hudson's nephew found dead
61000American teenage girl charged with murder of her mother
60300Taliban publicize video of captured U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl
1173164.6 k4.6 k4.5 kCards Against Humanity campaign to block construction of United States-Me…
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55600Linkin Park's lead singer Chester Bennington dies at 41
52300Man shot on London Underground unconnected to bombing, says Scotland Yard
862263.6 k3.8 k3.5 kYouTube removes over 150,000 videos showing child abuse
663182 k2.1 k2 kHeavy floodings in north-west England, north Wales and Ireland
67393.2 k3.5 k3.1 kAT&T makes new proposal to Time Warner deal
45400Satanism: An interview with Church of Satan High Priest Peter Gilmore
3191312125.8 kUnited States Senator Jeff Flake announces retirement, citing 'profoundly…
592145.6 k5.6 k5.5 kSingapore: SMRT Corporation dismisses eight employees, disciplines five m…
400002.8 magnitude earthquake rattles northern Delaware, southwest New Jersey
5934793793793American expatriates in Japan threaten mass suicide unless Donald Trump i…
3840012-year-old school boy has sex change in Sussex, England
25343.2 k3.1 k3.1 kHilal Bhat
41341.4 k1.3 k1.3 kProtests in India against the release of the film Padmavati
36300Angry mother threatens to sue Elon Musk
1562416164.9 kUnited States judges block third version of President Trump's travel ban
2461312124.7 kFive United States ex-presidents raise relief funds at hurricane event
442132.1 k2.1 k2.1 kFootball: Italian club AC Milan sacks Vincenzo Montella as manager
34300Brazilian soccer player's mother freed by kidnappers
129143 k2.9 k2.9 kUEFA Champions League 2017–2018: Draw for Last 16 held at Nyon
53251.3 k1.2 k1.2 kSelena Gomez calls for US Government to curb spending on driverless cars
32253.1 k3.1 k3.1 kNorth Korean media calls United States President Trump a 'hideous criminal'
14222929692“Science of Victory” – international project in memory of legendary Cus D…
14275.6 k5.4 k5.4 kIsrael: failing to comply with transportation law, Tel Aviv court orders …
21811163163163Polish nationalist groups march on Warsaw
12422120120120Time magazine refutes Donald Trump's claim on Twitter that he was nominat…
11923120136120Donald Trump claims on Twitter that Time magazine nominated him 'Person o…
27331386956401Category:March 1
25232.2 k2.1 k2.1 kIsrael may pursue military operations in southern Syria
18211878787'Paradise Papers' reveal tax shelters for companies, billionaires, royalty
1923963965963Ahmed Haykel
2224312318445Category:Nursultan Nazarbayev
351151.9 k2 k1.9 kTwo men who caused great panic at Oxford Circus tube station released
7522163163163Polish alt-right youth march on Warsaw
1124408408408Category:Al-Aqsa Mosque
22500Congo: Train crash kills more than 30 in Lualaba province
1422301301301Category:Beşiktaş JK
1524788078Apple, Inc.
1523818181Verein für Leibesübungen Wolfsburg
1222143143969Category:Roman Catholic Church
27132.3 k2.4 k2.2 kBarsamian discussed “Global Discontents” in Kansas City
1123444476AFC Ajax
1422-2161279Category:La Liga
922103109820Category:Media files on Wikimedia Commons
5124.5 k4.4 k4.4 kNorth Korea launches intercontinental ballistic missile, claims its range…
193002007 Cricket World Cup: India vs Bangladesh
19331050311Category:Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
18700Gunman charged with killing three in Wisconsin shooting
1522266266266Oxiron Global
18500Hawthorn wins 2008 AFL Grand Final
23122.3 k2.2 k2.2 kLGBT symbols used on pride flags – make your choice from the popular desi…
19131 k1 k1 kCategory:Afghan Taliban
17800Death of Nancy Benoit rumour posted on Wikipedia hours prior to body bein…
1423848484Besiktas J.K.
611432322.8 kPoland: 27-year-old arrested in Stalowa Wola for stabbing eight people
17100British singer George Michael, 53, dies
9611929292'Science of Victory': international project in memory of legendary Cus D’…
8811767676Singapore to use driverless buses on public roads from 2022
15900Oklahoma trooper on leave after altercation with ambulance personnel
15900Church of Scientology's 'Operating Thetan' documents leaked online
2222115123115Health minister Ya'akov Litzman resigns after Jews were made to work on S…
8311818181Turkey, US embassy temporarily resumes issuing non-immigrant visas
1523117119117Transgender Danica Roem defeats Bob Marshal in Virginia state election
7811121121121Donkeys spend 4 days in UP prison for eating expensive plants at Jalaun j…
14900Ontario college teachers begin strike
922106142106United States government report on climate change cites carbon dioxide, '…
7111717171At least 34 dead in train crash in Democratic Republic of Congo
7011636363Dwarf star sports giant planet, stymying astronomers
14400Controversy brews surrounding small Texas church
12-1672251.9 kArsenal beat Real Madrid 1-0
522117119117United States: Danica Roem defeats Bob Marshal in Virginia state election
2113351351740Category:Pakistani Taliban
6311106106106Uncensored by White House, United States government report on climate cha…
321476156531Category:Zinedine Zidane
23122982981.2 kCategory:Taliban
1215206286346Category:Middlesbrough F.C.
1612397397397Uber reveals security breach compromised 57 million accounts in 2016
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