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1 October 2017

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1.8 k00Ash-triggered flight disruptions cost airlines $1.7 billion
293226833516.7 kSuspects in slaying of pregnant North Dakota woman enter not guilty pleas
292.1 k3.7 k6.9 kAs shipping exemption expires, hurricane-torn Puerto Rico may face change…
2111115154.5 kSaudi Arabia to allow women to drive
28000Russia asks Facebook to comply with personal data policy
19900Football: Asensio agrees to sign contract extension with Real Madrid
15600British actor Tony Booth dies at 85
15000Football: Varane agrees to sign contract extension with Real Madrid
14800First Star Trek series in twelve years, Discovery, debuts on television
14700Category:Politics and conflicts
14400Mother, brother of singer Jennifer Hudson found murdered, others reported…
14300Category:Science and technology
14200Category:Crime and law
14000Category:Economy and business
13900Arrest made in Jennifer Hudson family killings
13200Category:Disasters and accidents
12700Category:Culture and entertainment
1242427.8 kMysterious dimming of Tabby's star likely due to space dust, not alien su…
371211113.9 kAl Jazeera says Snapchat's act a 'clear attack on the rights of journalis…
1313474780North Dakota
911237237318Category:North Dakota
1811585858Mysterious star goes dim--right on schedule
1211116116116Despite spillway, fate of Guajataca Dam remains uncertain in hurricane-to…
51142424 kThird person inner monologue is good for more than just sounding cool, sa…
611161616Category:November 1, 2017
611161616Category:November 20, 2017
411161616Category:November 18, 2017
411161616Category:November 14, 2017
411161616Category:November 16, 2017
411161616Category:November 15, 2017
411161616Category:November 24, 2017
411161616Category:November 23, 2017
411161616Category:November 10, 2017
411161616Category:November 13, 2017
411161616Category:November 19, 2017
411161616Category:November 22, 2017
411161616Category:November 21, 2017
411161616Category:November 17, 2017
411161616Category:November 12, 2017
411161616Category:November 4, 2017
411161616Category:November 6, 2017
411161616Category:November 7, 2017
411161616Category:November 9, 2017
411161616Category:November 8, 2017
411161616Category:November 3, 2017
411161616Category:November 5, 2017
411161616Category:November 11, 2017
411161616Category:November 2, 2017
311161616Category:November 25, 2017
211171717Category:November 2017
211161616Category:November 29, 2017
211161616Category:November 26, 2017
211161616Category:November 28, 2017
211161616Category:November 30, 2017
211161616Category:November 27, 2017
1311-222.4 kScientists announce results of latest attempt to breed world's rarest tur…
8000O. J. Simpson sentenced to 15 years in prison
8000OJ Simpson found guilty in kidnapping, armed robbery case
7400'Critical safety issue' with A380 engines
7300Category:North America
66002007 Cricket World Cup: India vs Bangladesh
6000Satanism: An interview with Church of Satan High Priest Peter Gilmore
5800Sexy video clips influence young girls more than boys, study shows
5800Water restoration initiative by Intel
5300United States Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price resigns
5200FBI says Jennifer Hudson's nephew found dead
5200Presidents Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico and Donald Trump of the United St…
5000Linkin Park's lead singer Chester Bennington dies at 41
111515116Hurricane Maria, now category 5, bears down on Puerto Rico and the Virgin…
111515116Guajataca Dam cracks, Puerto Rican authorities evacuate two hurricane-tor…
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