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612948 k53 k47 kWikinews interviews Mario J. Lucero and Isabel Ruiz of Heaven Sent Gaming
414416 k17 k15 kWarhol's photo legacy spread by university exhibits
8898.5 k22 k8.3 kIndiana legislators vote for state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage
107713.3 k5 k3.2 kTrial for Texas lawyer accused of murder enters third day
77914 k15 k14 kAirAsia jet vanishes over Indonesia, 162 missing
9395.5 k5.9 k5.4 kWikimedian activist Adrianne Wadewitz dies
313617 k24 k17 kWikinews 2014: An 'Original reporting' year in review
7646.1 k7 k6 kScotland says 'No' in independence referendum
7447.6 k8.3 k7.4 kWikimedian Cindy Ashley-Nelson dies at conference in Berlin
7496.5 k6.6 k6.4 kMalaysia Airlines Flight 17 shot down over eastern Ukraine, killing 298
47377 k76 k75 kWikinews interviews Indiana State Senator Mike Delph
8284.6 k6.4 k4.5 kFinland passes law allowing same-sex marriage
64317.1 k8.3 k6.9 kDeath of captive rhino halts propagation efforts in US
7553.2 k4.6 k3.1 kLeeds teacher fatally stabbed, 15-year-old in custody
10221303.5 k130Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 crashes near Torez, Ukraine
8472.9 k4.1 k2.9 kOrion Spacecraft accomplishes first spaceflight test
5568.9 k11 k8.7 kEBay removes Canadian town's listing of sperm whale carcass
5566.7 k9.2 k6.5 kNation mourns, world condemns Taliban attack on Pakistan army school
27814 k14 k14 kWikinews wanders the Referendum-year Edinburgh Festival Fringe
8193.4 k3.3 k3.3 kLA Clippers owner receives lifetime ban from NBA for racist comments
72226.5 k7.3 k6.3 kScottish Justice Secretary 'acutely aware of unusual publicity' in Kular …
44719.6 k11 k9.4 kOpening race of 2014 F1 season brings 'fascination'
7454.9 k4.8 k4.8 kCongolese refugee death toll climbs
5515.7 k6.6 k5.5 kAndrej Kiska elected fourth President of the Slovak Republic
7432.6 k3 k2.5 kChinese government prohibits use of Windows 8, cites security concerns
5605.8 k6.8 k5.6 kStudents protest against police action in Jadavpur University, Kolkata
4664.8 k9.1 k4.7 kManhattanʼs 'Little Spain' comes to big screen, documenting Hispanic immi…
55433 k15 k3 kNational Football League from United States Senators: zero tolerance on d…
535112 k12 k12 kQueen's Speech sets out Coalition government's final year agenda
6393.8 k6.2 k3.7 kPope invites Palestinian and Israeli presidents to mutual prayer at Vatican
44918 k19 k35 kWikinews interviews Australian wheelchair basketball player Tina McKenzie
65013.6 k4.5 k3.5 kAustralian school in Westboro's sights
5465.4 k8.2 k5.2 kDocudays UA eleventh edition opens
45616 k16 k16 kWikinews interviews specialists on Russian intervention in Ukraine
5454.8 k7 k4.7 kFAA: NextGen Upgrade for Washington, D.C. metro area in place for holiday…
5368.2 k8.2 k8 kFour arrested after building spire in Moscow painted in Ukrainian colors
5555.6 k6.6 k5.5 kIndonesian authorities report refugee boats pushed back by Australian Navy
4506.3 k9.3 k6.2 kThousands attend skateboarder Jay Adams funeral over Labor Day weekend
4664.2 k7 k4.1 kChinese President signs multiple trade deals with India
4588.2 k8.1 k8 kGlasgow cannabis enthusiasts celebrate 'green' on city green
4597.8 k7.9 k7.6 kNATO leaders meet for two day summit in Wales
5512.8 k5.1 k2.8 kFAA: Metroplex NextGen project in place in north Texas
5463.3 k5.3 k3.2 kSmall plane crashes near Maryland airport, killing six
5434.7 k5.4 k4.6 kIndia urges peaceful settlement of disputes at South China Sea
6352.7 k3.1 k2.6 kWestern Australian school performance undisrupted by WBC
5413.4 k8.3 k3.3 kCanadian Prime Minister in first Middle East visit: Canadian assistance t…
6324 k4 k3.9 kAustralian Government proposes amendments to Racial Discrimination Act
4615.4 k5.9 k5.3 kResearchers identify protein responsible for malaria transmission
5452.1 k5 k2 kUkrainian troops retake airfield from separatist militants
51718.8 k25 k8.6 kUK media apparently conflict with Scots law in Mikaeel Kular case
6224.1 k4 k4 kSenate publish report on CIA torture and misinformation
7152.2 k3.9 k2.1 kMichael Schumacher wakes up from coma
43512 k12 k12 kEleventh Docudays UA concludes
4455.2 k5.6 k5 kFirst arrests made in Singapore for possession of New Psychoactive Substa…
4358.6 k9.8 k8.4 kWikinews interviews Asaf Bartov, Head of Wikimedia Grants Program and Glo…
5454.6 k5.7 k4.5 kTuring test beaten by Russian chatterbot
3586 k6.5 k5.8 kNSW Parliament passes alcohol-fuelled violence bill hours after drafting
3703.3 k6.6 k3.3 kPlanned Parenthood asks Arizona federal judge for injunction
6412.3 k2.4 k2.3 kTexas man alive after floating in Gulf of Mexico for 31 hours
3409.6 k9.7 k9.3 kHamilton wins 'incredible' Bahrain race, F1's 900th Grand Prix
4495.3 k5.5 k5.2 kJapan government panel urges reinterpretation of pacifist constitution
5454.9 k5.8 k4.8 kChinese police arrest six after woman beaten to death at Shandong McDonal…
4512.7 k4.4 k2.6 kNext phase of search for MH 370 begins
43315.1 k10 k4.9 kWikinews Shorts: February 27, 2014
4525.7 k6.6 k5.5 kNauru raises media visa application fee from AU$200 to $8,000
5412.9 k4.8 k2.8 kJapan bans possession of child pornography
34810 k10 k9.9 kWikinews interviews Paúl M. Velazco about new yellow-shouldered bat species
6223.1 k3.4 k3 kAriel Sharon, former Prime Minister of Israel, dies at 85
6142.4 k2.3 k2.3 kMan in Glasgow, Scotland seriously injured after being hit by car
4416.9 k7.7 k6.8 kJapanese wheelchair basketball player Mari Amimoto leads in scoring at wo…
5383 k3.8 k2.9 kResearchers survey planet-sized space weather explosions at Venus
42913.7 k11 k3.6 kNoosa win 2014 Sunshine Coast Rugby Union premiership
5293.6 k3.9 k3.5 kGoogle shuts down Google News Spain
3614.7 k6 k4.6 kIndia and Pakistan accuse each other of ceasefire violation
6162.7 k3.1 k2.7 kChina court jails three anti-corruption activists
4502.8 k4.5 k2.7 kSecurity guards attacked in Peshawar, Pakistan
5272.4 k3 k2.4 kInternet regulation bill approved by Russian Parliament
33033 k40 k32 kWikinews interviews Australian wheelchair basketball coach Tom Kyle
34827.5 k8 k7.3 k'Hunger Games' salute used to protest coup d'état in Thailand
341113 k14 k12 kEdinburgh's 'Million Mask March' flies distinctly Scottish colours
4563.1 k4.1 k3 kAvalanche in Vail, Colorado kills one
3418.9 k9 k8.7 kChantel McGregor: Live at Edinburgh's 'The Caves'
6253.8 k4.6 k3.7 kActor and comic Robin Williams found dead at 63
5322.6 k2.9 k2.5 kEvidence of natural gas deposit found off Gaza Coast
5293.5 k3.6 k3.4 kWeev iPad hacking conviction overturned
4443.7 k4.6 k3.7 kUS scientists find evidence for group selection of spider colonies in the…
4482.9 k3.2 k2.8 kTexas Governor Perry indicted on two felony counts
24213 k13 k13 kCold as ice: Wikinews interviews Marymegan Daly on unusual new sea anemone
4355.2 k5.2 k5 kMultiple fatalities in bin lorry crash in Glasgow, Scotland
3535.3 k6.3 k5.2 kKurdish forces advance as international opposition to Islamic State grows
4505.3 k6.3 k5.1 kScientists analyse effects of global warming, atmospheric ozone on crops
4362.7 k3.9 k2.6 kFive hundred migrants alleged killed in deliberate sinking in Mediterranean
4363.1 k3.4 k3 k715 exoplanets discovered by Kepler telescope
5251.7 k2 k1.7 kTurkish government lifts ban on YouTube
3267.1 k13 k6.9 kGlasgow inmate John Clark accused of murder in Barlinnie prison
5362.2 k2.7 k2.1 kSecond sinkhole appears in Australian city this week
3556.9 k7 k6.8 kWikinews interviews Kristian Hanson, producer-director of indie horror fi…
4314.9 k5.2 k4.8 kInternational Paralympic Committee comments on Russian adherence to Olymp…
51913.4 k3.6 k3.3 kNew Delhi orders Uber cease operation following alleged rape
3338.1 k8.5 k7.9 kWheelchair curling enters third day at 2014 Winter Paralympics
43312.1 k5.4 k2 kIsraeli military kill group of militants, claimed by Hamas, on Zikim Beach
5252.7 k2.7 k2.7 kJapan agrees to ship nuclear materials to U.S.
3463.3 k6.2 k3.2 kEgypt opens Rafah border crossing sporadically during Gaza crisis
3534 k4.9 k3.9 kJohn Kerry visits Iraq to build regional support against Islamic State
3514.9 k5.6 k4.7 kNew South Wales government starts trial of hunting in national parks
4295.7 k6.4 k5.6 kKansas anti-gay church leader Fred Phelps dies at 84
51712.3 k6.2 k2.3 kPiers Morgan interviewed by police investigating phone hacking
4403.2 k3.8 k3.2 kGuantanamo inmate challenges force-feeding practices by suing U.S. presid…
3269.1 k9 k8.9 k300 protesters greet Farage's return to Edinburgh
4442 k2.2 k1.9 kCommunity members host fundraiser to help family of slain Texas woman
23811 k11 k11 kClaire Tiltman murder: Prosecutors mull charges in notorious English crime
3454.8 k5.2 k4.7 kRussians top podium on second day of European Deaf Swimming Championships
4492 k2.2 k1.9 kFive jailed in Tyler, Texas following robbery and scam
35424.3 k6.1 k4.2 kIndia Railway Minister presents 2014-15 budget
5164.5 k4.6 k4.4 kSpain's men remain on top of FIFA global rankings for April 2014
51412.5 k2.6 k2.5 kScottish Parliament approve same-sex marriage
4402.2 k2.7 k2.2 kFire burns at Barangaroo construction site, Sydney, Australia
4236.7 k6.7 k6.5 kTwo dead in storms with no sign of floods letting up in Britain
5263.1 k3.4 k3 kParts of internet break as '512k day' reached by routers
4372.6 k2.8 k2.5 kForensic pathologist identifies remains of Texas woman missing since 2006
4322.9 k3.1 k2.8 kRoyal Navy evacuates UK citizens from Libya
4383.3 k3.6 k3.2 kStudent protesters take over Q&A
5173 k3 k3 kPortuguese government declares three days of mourning for Eusébio
4272.9 k3.9 k2.9 kSisi: Egypt willing to send stabilizing forces to future Palestinian State
4293.1 k3.4 k3 kRussia accused of supporting Ukrainian rebels' advance
3415.4 k5.6 k5.3 kWHO declares Ebola outbreak an international emergency
4262 k2.2 k1.9 kCrash Test Hunniez defeat Devotchkas in Roller Derby contest
32512 k12 k12 kWiki loves the European Parliament in Strasbourg
3395.5 k6.9 k5.4 kAmended USA Freedom Act draws questions from civil liberties groups
52012.1 k2.3 k2.1 kWriter and TV presenter Peaches Geldof dies aged 25
3394.7 k4.8 k4.6 kInternational team of scientists reports on Antarctic lead pollution
3475 k5.5 k4.9 kCrucifix in Northern Italy collapses, crushing man to death
3415.1 k6.7 k5 kAustralia and Netherlands win 2014 Hockey World Cup
43812.1 k3.4 k2 kPatient under evaluation with Ebola-like symptoms in Washington D.C.
3297.4 k7.3 k7.2 kUK culture minister Maria Miller called to resign following alleged threa…
3512.5 k2.6 k2.5 kRains visit much of Texas, but most of state still in drought
3385.5 k5.5 k5.4 kStudy shows shopping cart injuries rise after US safety standards set
4242.5 k2.5 k2.5 kUniversity defeat Caloundra in first round of 2014 Sunshine Coast Rugby U…
4194.3 k4.2 k4.2 kUS President Obama authorizes airstrikes against ISIL in Iraq
4371.8 k2.4 k1.7 kCornwall police arrest coach driver after two killed in crash
2277.8 k11 k7.6 kUSA sledge hockey team beats Italy in Winter Paralympics opener
4294.7 k5 k4.6 kHong Kong democracy protesters call for CY Leung resignation as demonstra…
4381.9 k1.9 k1.9 kThree found dead at Fort Hood US military base
23411 k10 k10 kInquiry finds proper maintenance might have prevented 2009 North Sea heli…
4252.8 k3.2 k2.8 kAnti-budget protest descends on Brisbane Australia
3217.3 k7.3 k7.1 kUS researchers find a large asteroid held together by forces other than g…
4362.2 k2.5 k2.1 k'Terrorist' attack in Kunming train station kills at least 28
4232.1 k2.7 k2.1 kFrench National Assembly acknowledges Palestinian State
4292.2 k2.4 k2.2 kLaunch failure occurs at Virginia spaceport
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