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251156.3 k13 k6.1 kMultiple explosions hit Boston Marathon
18838.5 k11 k8.3 kAsiana Boeing 777 crashes upon landing at San Francisco International Air…
1973210 k16 k9.8 kFormer British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher dies aged 87
137415.4 k12 k7.4 kArchbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires elected as Pope Francis
517429 k29 k29 kWikinews interviews specialists on China, Iran, Russia support for al-Assad
107612 k12 k12 kNorth Korea's rising tensions: Wikinews interviews Scott Snyder and Dr Ro…
14283 k2.9 k2.9 kPope Benedict XVI resigns effective February 28
11442.9 k3.2 k2.9 kPresident Obama renews his push to close Guantanamo detention facility
614214.1 k24 k4 kLitigation for Varanasi Heritage intensifies
410211 k23 k10 kUnited States deportation policies challenged in Santa Clara County, Cali…
113713.9 k6.1 k3.8 k77 die in train crash in Santiago de Compostela, Spain
8767.4 k15 k7.2 kLiberal Democrats hold onto Eastleigh in by-election as UKIP vote soars
86912.8 k4.1 k2.8 kEndangered 'Asian unicorn' sighted
103615 k8.1 k4.9 kNelson Mandela dies aged 95
9484.2 k5.1 k4.1 kMain belt asteroid No. 274301 named 'Wikipedia'
77515 k46 k15 kReports of at least fourteen dead this week due to gun-related suicides i…
11272.3 k2.5 k2.3 kTwo people confirmed dead in Boston Marathon bombing
6748.9 k12 k8.6 kDungog, Australia residents celebrate continued protection of local forest
56922 k22 k21 kSame-sex marriage in the UK passes second reading in Commons
8393.5 k8.2 k3.4 kScotland sets date for referendum
76014.8 k7.7 k2.8 kEmir of Qatar abdicates throne
93521.9 k5 k1.9 kIran-Pakistan pipeline at risk
84816.1 k7.2 k5.9 kWikinews interviews a Restore the Fourth organizer
10483 k3.9 k2.9 kUkraine plane crash landing kills five
66912 k12 k11 kThousands take to streets protesting 'ratbag's Bedroom Tax
76313.2 k13 k3.1 kPublic officials, experts discuss lessons learned during West, Texas expl…
9213.3 k3.5 k3.2 kIran agrees to expanded monitoring of nuclear sites
6658.8 k9.5 k8.5 kWikinews interviews Aurélien Miralles about Sirenoscincus mobydick specie…
8363.3 k3.8 k3.3 kResearchers create rat kidneys in a laboratory
9451.6 k1.9 k1.5 kHelicopter collides with crane in central London
7394.3 k5.4 k4.2 kIcelandic Hekla volcano shows signs of activity
8413.2 k3.8 k3.2 kDust storm covers Tokyo: in pictures
6608.2 k8.5 k8 kUN observers in Syria fired upon as report alleges US warplanes readying …
7555.9 k6.4 k4.9 kFirst same-sex couple wed in south of France
8333.9 k4.2 k3.8 kVenezuelan President Hugo Chávez dies aged 58
54721 k21 k21 kWikinews interviews Irene Villa
6517.1 k8.4 k6.9 kUS Supreme Court rules Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional
74612.7 k3.2 k2.7 kExplosion sinks Indian Navy submarine
7412.9 k3.8 k2.8 kCyprus Finance Minister Michael Sarris resigns amid bailout talks
6666.3 k6.2 k6.2 kAustralian Manns Mitre 10 hardware store closes after rent dispute
4727.4 k8.4 k7.2 kHeavy snow causes disruption across northwestern Europe
38015 k15 k14 kBank of America leads Consumer Financial Protection Bureau complaints abo…
8343 k3.1 k2.9 kRecord size 17.4 million-digit prime found
7492.7 k3.6 k2.6 kQueen Beatrix to abdicate throne
6386.8 k6.9 k6.6 kCould an unmarked grave in Winchester contain the remains of King Alfred?
6514.9 k7.3 k4.8 kBolivian president announces legal action over Obama's 'crimes against hu…
5524.1 k15 k4 kCricket: Northamptonshire defeat Warwickshire by 27 runs in Twenty20 match
4784 k6.1 k3.9 kLocal government elections held in Balochistan, Pakistan
7333.9 k3.9 k3.8 kSouth Korean president responds to North Korea's nuclear constitution cha…
53336 k35 k35 kWikinews interviews Spain's most decorated Paralympian, Teresa Perales
6573.5 k5.3 k3.4 kFirst couples celebrate same-sex marriage in New Zealand
6623.3 k4.7 k3.3 kBritish 4G mobile spectrum auction underway
384119 k19 k18 kWikinews interviews specialists on South Korea military parade
8214.5 k4.6 k4.4 kInterview: University of Guam's Ron McNinch on North Korea's nuclear thre…
6383.1 k4.9 k3 kTokyo Electric Power Company releases first figures on the extent of Fuku…
46817 k17 k16 kThree cities submit bids for 2020 Summer Olympics
7323 k3.8 k3 kHaitian cholera victims threaten United Nations with lawsuit
6446.3 k6.4 k6.1 kUK government formally launches same-sex marriage legislation in Parliament
5459.3 k9.4 k9.1 kWikinews interviews Scott Lucas, Eyal Zisser, Majid Rafizadeh about risks…
7235.7 k5.9 k5.6 kLess 'buzz' in bee's brains; Wikinews interviews Dr Sally Williamson abou…
21173.3 k74 k3.2 kHaunted attractions in Texas prepare for 2013 Halloween season
4598.5 k10 k8.3 kAustralian Labor Party shelves government oversight of media legislation
62724 k19 k3.9 kSilvio Berlusconi convicted of sex with underage prostitute
4774.6 k8.1 k4.5 kNelson Mandela lies in state as South Africa mourns
6482.5 k3.3 k2.4 kHighly preserved mammoth presents scientists with blood sample
7253.9 k4 k3.8 kPride in London 2013: in pictures
46319 k20 k19 kWikinews interviews meteorological experts on Cyclone Phalin
5505.3 k6.8 k5.2 kAustralian men, women win 2013 Asia-Oceania Wheelchair Basketball Champio…
6552.2 k2.5 k2.2 kWoman shot, killed during standoff with police in Longview, Texas
7312.8 k3.1 k2.8 kKamchatka deep-focus underwater earthquake reaches Moscow
5525.2 k5.8 k5.1 kMoldovan premier invites Romanian counterpart to pipeline start
5337.7 k8.2 k7.6 kWikinews interviews Dr Thomas Scotto and Dr Steve Hewitt about potential …
5447.5 k12 k7.3 k2012 Report on Gender Equality and Development says US women have room fo…
4746.3 k14 k6.2 kCyanogenMod: Open-source smartphone OS goes commercial
5543.8 k4.2 k3.7 kFive accused of Delhi gang rape and murder plead not guilty
5555.8 k7.2 k5.7 kSwiss woman gang-raped in Madhya Pradesh, India
44618.5 k28 k8.3 kEgyptian military issues ultimatum to Morsi
7242.6 k3.4 k2.5 kMandela discharged from hospital
6374.2 k4.8 k4.1 kUS Congresswoman Jackie Speier comments about Obamacare, Paralympics
7292.6 k2.6 k2.5 kAuthorities at Jakarta Airport, Indonesia seize 687 endangered pig-nosed …
6452.9 k4.6 k2.8 kLebanon car bombings kill dozens outside mosques
5633.1 k4.4 k3 kPakistani Prime Minister agrees to put all state executions on hold
5513.4 k4.2 k3.3 kJanuary tornadoes, severe weather in southern, midwestern US cause fatali…
5456.5 k7.7 k6.4 kJury finds two men guilty of Liam Aitchison murder
6333.3 k3.3 k3.2 kWikinews at the Rugby: Sunshine Coast Stadium April 27, 2013
64313.2 k3.4 k3.2 kWikinews interviews President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians
7322.8 k2.8 k2.7 kMumbai 2008 attack plotter sentenced to 35 years
5552.3 k4.2 k2.3 kWoman awarded 18.6 million dollars in lawsuit against Equifax
7281.8 k2.5 k1.8 kSearch continues for victims of Indonesian volcano eruption
5397.1 k7.7 k12 kWikinews interviews DuckDuckGo, Opera, Mozilla, Wikimedia about DoNotTrac…
5358.9 k9 k8.7 kSupreme Court of the United States contemplates same-sex marriage
5584.9 k5.2 k4.8 kSoldiers in Syria reportedly 'suffocated' while seizing chemicals, weapon…
4516.1 k6.1 k5.9 kHigh Court of Australia dismisses appeal against conviction, compulsory v…
6402.3 k3 k2.3 kJob market in France suffers as unemployment rate hits fifteen year high
4457.5 k7.6 k7.3 kTeam USA delivers going into third day of 2013 IPC Alpine World Champions…
6313.7 k3.8 k3.7 kNuclear weapons protest at Faslane leads to 47 arrests
54216.8 k6.9 k6.6 kSlow start to winter 2013/2014 flu season in USA
6284.4 k4.7 k4.3 kFires burn across eastern Australia amid summer heatwave
46123.7 k6 k3.7 kGalician emigrant Rufino López receives 2013 Spanish-American Internation…
63015 k6.2 k4.9 kWikinews interviews Amir Abbas Fakhravar about Iranian nuclear intentions
52210 k10 k9.9 kWikinews interviews American zoologists about pirate perches' chemical ca…
62314.5 k5.1 k4.4 kAustralian Governor-General visits Wagga Wagga
6262.4 k2.6 k2.3 kNorwegian Academy of Science and Letters awards Belgian mathematician Pie…
5403.7 k5.5 k3.6 kWhite House releases Benghazi emails
5582.2 k2.5 k2.1 kScience museum hosts first-ever 'Maker Faire' for city of Tyler, Texas
42816 k16 k16 kWikinews interviews Australian Paralympic wheelchair basketballer Shelley…
5426.4 k6.4 k6.2 kIran to reduce nuclear enrichment in exchange for sanctions reduction
4417.3 k8 k7.1 kUK House of Commons vote against Syria intervention
52026.3 k9.9 k6.1 kWikinews interviews Robert Sarvis, Libertarian Party nominee for Governor…
53813.5 k4.9 k3.4 kAnonymous people reveal animal cruelty at Australian Inghams poultry prod…
4543.7 k5.3 k3.6 kGun background checks a no-go in US Senate
4803.7 k4.8 k3.7 kQuestions raised over Mosquito device ahead of New South Wales trial
6413 k4.6 k3 kAnonymous muscle in on Canadian teen rape case
43210 k10 k10 kGlasgow's Common Weal launch; 'Not me first. All of us first'
6223.3 k3.2 k3.2 kEuropean Commission warns Eurozone economy to shrink further
2738.4 k9.2 k8.2 kSallie Mae leads Consumer Financial Protection Bureau complaints about st…
5346.1 k6.1 k6 kWikinews interviews British sensory biologist Dominic Clarke about floral…
6342.2 k3.7 k2.2 kPrague explosion injures dozens
43618.5 k25 k8.3 kWikinews interviews Spanish shooter Paulo Fontán
5383.5 k4.5 k3.4 kArmenian presidential elections at stake after attack on candidate
5333.2 k3.2 k3.1 kToowoomba, Brisbane City take out Roller Derby wins on Australia's Sunshi…
4377.9 k8 k7.7 kReal Madrid defeats Celta Vigo 4-0 in Copa del Rey octofinals
5403.4 k3.5 k3.4 kRecord snowfall in Japan: in pictures
5373 k3.9 k2.9 kBlack and Blue Belles win in Canberra Roller Derby League blowout
44910112 k101Nearly 500,000 people protest on Mohammed Morsi's first anniversary as pr…
6272.3 k2.3 k2.2 kUK economy shrinks by 0.3% in fourth quarter of 2012
5303.5 k3.6 k3.4 kCanberrans flood Cotter Dam on open day
6243.2 k3.8 k3.1 kPolice announce rescue of three women held captive in London home for 30 …
3645.5 k11 k5.3 kChadian army: Mokhtar Belmokhtar 'killed' in Mali
5412.6 k3 k2.6 k'Django Unchained' returns to Chinese cinemas
4338.5 k8.4 k8.3 kSame-sex marriage passes third reading in House of Commons
5422.5 k2.6 k2.4 kNew video games rating R18+ becomes available in Australia
5383.1 k3.7 k3 kStudy: Taste of beer causes chemical reward in male brain
6362.9 k3 k2.9 kBBC to play 'four to five seconds' of Thatcher protest song
344112 k13 k12 kONCE defeats Getafe 86-36 in Spain's top level wheelchair basketball league
6172.1 k2.1 k2 kKorean family reunited after over three years of separation
5512.4 k2.9 k2.4 k13th Annual Beverly Hills film festival opens
3498.4 k8.7 k8.2 kSecond day at IPC Para-alpine World Championships at La Molina delivers s…
4493.2 k4.1 k3.1 kAustralian tennis ace Stosur splits with long-term coach on verge of US O…
6192.1 k2.1 k2.1 kScientists create micro-battery using 3D printing
5302.6 k2.5 k2.5 kHealthcare workers, public officials struggle to address influenza outbre…
5315.2 k5.3 k5.1 kMansour announces election plans for Egypt after violence and protests
52127.5 k7.4 k7.3 kUK's Conservatives promise an end to deficit by 2020, Human Rights Act re…
4337.2 k7.1 k7 kWikinews interviews Spanish Paralympic swimmer Marta Gómez
5572.4 k2.7 k2.4 kPublic health officials advise on rising flu levels in Texas 2013/2014 se…
6182.7 k2.7 k2.7 kPanda cub born in Taiwan to gifted Chinese pandas
5283.8 k3.7 k3.7 kThree die in Cornwall, UK caravan park of suspected carbon monoxide poiso…
4336.6 k6.7 k6.5 kKiribati acquires international funding for solar power
6173.7 k3.6 k3.6 kSydney plans loss of rainbow
3546.7 k9.1 k6.6 kBritish Chancellor George Osborne downgrades growth forecast in annual bu…
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