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2112613 k19 k13 kObserving the 2012 Human Trafficking Awareness Day in the US, and wider w…
2280311 k11 k10 kEgypt struggles to recover tourism, investment
632128 k35 k27 kSyrian citizen journalists risk death, targeted; city of Homs facing star…
19885.4 k8.6 k5.3 kDozens dead in Connecticut school shooting
19446.3 k6.4 k6.2 kWikipedia, Reddit in 'blackout' against SOPA, PROTECT IP laws
17464.7 k5.4 k4.6 kUS astronaut Neil Armstrong dies
13677.5 k19 k7.3 kKony 2012 campaign faces ridicule, praise
13695.3 k7.1 k5.2 kZimmerman stands before judge for the Trayvon Martin shooting
16282.9 k2.9 k2.9 kAmerican pop star Whitney Houston dies at 48
7136215 k17 k15 k'Davos man' versus 'Camp Igloo'; 42nd World Economic Forum convenes in Sw…
143114.2 k4.2 k4.1 kUnited States re-elects Barack Obama
79812 k17 k12 kBrazzaville picks up the pieces after ammo depot explosion
10716.8 k8.4 k6.7 kU.S. prepares for arrival of Hurricane Sandy
411436 k37 k35 kOn the campaign trail, September 2012
10626.2 k6.7 k6.1 k'Imagine a world without free knowledge', in Russia
216742 k43 k41 kOn the campaign trail, July 2012
123613.2 k9.1 k3.1 kSalman Rushdie may not attend literature festival in India following wide…
51546.9 k22 k6.8 kLeaked Syrian government emails indicate weapons supplied to Hamas
411227 k28 k27 kOn the campaign trail, October 2012
8678.1 k8.7 k7.9 kDisposal of fracking wastewater poses potential environmental problems
311536 k48 k35 kOn the campaign trail, June 2012
774110 k14 k9.8 kCalifornia judge disqualified from predatory lending case
87217.6 k13 k7.5 kI'll Have Another wins 2012 Kentucky Derby
12402.9 k5 k2.8 kEncyclopaedia Britannica to stop publishing after 244 years
310126 k35 k25 kOn the campaign trail, March 2012
10652.4 k3.3 k2.4 kNew research shows over 400 languages originated in Turkey
10237.4 k7.4 k7.2 kWikinews interviews Sue Gardner on Wikipedia blackout
8717 k7.7 k6.9 kACTA rejected by European Parliament; protesters rejoice
93123.1 k10 k3.8 kBritish musician Robin Gibb dies at age 62
6778.7 k12 k8.5 kRaw Opals spend week preparing for London Games
38519 k19 k18 kOn the campaign trail, January 2012
6935 k6.9 k4.8 kPoison control centers educate public on hand sanitizer consumption
396120 k24 k20 kOn the campaign trail, February 2012
8442.6 k21 k6.4 kWikinews Shorts: March 26, 2012
76210 k10 k9.9 kNo surprises for sport in 2012/2013 Australian federal budget
9574.8 k6.1 k4.7 kNorth Korea successfully launches long range rocket
8604.6 k5.1 k4.5 kWikinews interviews 17-year-old author of 'LEGO Heavy Weapons'
8464 k4.1 k4 kUS government, music industry websites taken offline in web attack
38927 k27 k26 kOn the campaign trail, May 2012
8495.8 k5.8 k5.7 kChina, UN rebuke North Korea for rocket launch
7575.4 k7.4 k5.3 kOpposition calls for mass protests in Bahrain
7536.5 k6.8 k6.4 kScience Fiction author Ray Bradbury dies
8523.5 k6.1 k3.4 kFormer Ukranian PM Yulia Tymoshenko goes on hunger strike
9292.3 k3 k2.2 kManson Family leader Charles Manson to seek parole in California murders
7616.6 k10 k6.5 kWikinews Shorts: March 21, 2012
5689.2 k9.4 k9 kUS fans turn out for 2012 Phoenix Comicon
8364.2 k4.7 k4.1 kDeadly tornadoes blast U.S. Midwest leaving 39 dead
9243.9 k4.1 k3.9 kAssange seeks asylum in Ecuadorian embassy
9453.2 k3.7 k3.1 kFelix Baumgartner jumps from stratosphere, breaks sound barrier
28630 k30 k29 kOn the campaign trail, August 2012
7494.4 k7.6 k4.3 kGerman hotels step up boycotts against online travel agency HRS
551127 k26 k26 kWikinews interviews Fred Karger, U.S. Republican Party presidential candi…
6764.2 k7.1 k4.1 kTerror suspects arrested in connection with bombing public bus in Israel
8344.7 k4.7 k4.6 kIsrael launches airstrikes against Gaza Strip, kills Hamas commander
63914 k14 k14 kOne year on: Egyptians mark anniversary of protests that toppled Mubarak
7362.6 k7.5 k2.6 kMagnitude 7.4 earthquake strikes Mexico; no fatalities reported
7463 k3.3 k2.9 kMubarak sentenced to life in prison over protester deaths
6783.7 k6.6 k3.6 kEffect of sanctions 'like war' says Iran's Ahmadinejad
7454.3 k5.4 k4.2 kObama responds to criticism over medical marijuana raids
7415.1 k5.4 k4.9 kRussian passenger jet crashes on Indonesian demonstration flight
54524 k23 k23 kWikinews interviews Australian Paralympic skiers Jessica Gallagher and Er…
7632.2 k4.1 k2.2 kGhana buries late President Mills
73315.6 k10 k5.4 kAt Australian gymnastic team announcement, media turns out for Tony Abbott
6485.5 k6.1 k5.4 kPump leak and fire shuts down nuclear reactor in France
7474.8 k4.7 k4.7 kCBS News correspondent Mike Wallace dies at 93
46711 k12 k11 kUS Senator Rand Paul blocks synthetic marijuana legislation
7374.9 k4.8 k4.8 kRelease and pardon of killer jeopardises Armenia-Azerbaijan ceasefire
4529.6 k10 k9.4 kSantorum neologism gains prominence during US election cycle
7443.3 k5.3 k3.2 kNew York firebomb suspect arraigned
7362.3 k4.4 k2.2 kEthiopian prime minister Meles Zenawi dies at 57
624110 k10 k9.9 kSandra Fluke insists she will not be silenced
29321 k23 k20 kOn the campaign trail, April 2012
8291.7 k3.7 k1.7 kTurkey strengthens air defence at Syrian border following shootdown
72416.8 k7 k6.7 kU.S. presidential candidate Newt Gingrich wins South Carolina primary
4688.2 k13 k8 kIndiana Democrats block session to halt labor bill
7333.5 k3.6 k3.4 kSusan G. Komen Foundation stops funding to Planned Parenthood
6414.9 k5 k4.7 kKosmala's 2012 Games inclusion highlights Australian Paralympians' longev…
5655.6 k7.4 k5.4 kLockerbie convict Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi buried after dying at Libyan …
4714.9 k5.6 k4.8 kBremer Freimarkt, oldest fair in Germany, reaches its climax
46718 k19 k18 kFanFiction.Net adult content purge felt across fandom two weeks on
63713 k13 k13 kWikinews interviews winner of 55 Paralympic medals, Trischa Zorn
5764.5 k5.7 k4.4 kMultiple planes perform aerial spraying over greater Dallas, Texas in eff…
7452.4 k3.8 k2.4 kMilitary jet crashes in Virginia Beach, Virginia
7518495.6 k3.1 kObama and Romney battle in second U.S. presidential debate
6324.5 k5.2 k4.4 k2012 Paralympic Village occupied by competitors as nations ready for the …
7342.6 k3 k2.5 kNon-sponsors' logos plastered by peeved Paralympians
37911 k14 k11 kParalympic swim world records tumble at Australian championships
7292.4 k2.4 k2.3 kMagnitude 7.6 earthquake strikes Costa Rican coast, tsunami warnings issued
6394.4 k6.1 k4.3 kFacebook acquires Instagram for US$1 billion
31035.5 k13 k5.3 kFormer U.S. presidential candidate and Senator George McGovern dies aged 90
46111 k13 k11 kFifteen medals awarded on London Paralympics fourth night of track and fi…
5713.7 k3.9 k3.6 kDrought conditions hit much of US again in 2012
6493 k5 k2.9 kU.S. President creates Chimney Rock National Monument
7307.1 k7.5 k6.9 kWikinews Shorts: January 23, 2012
65113.8 k4.6 k3.7 kUS Secret Service agents face investigation for Colombian sex scandal
6412.7 k11 k2.6 kReport indicates continued severe weather problems still looming
35344 k44 k43 kWikinews interviews John Wolfe, Democratic Party presidential challenger …
6542.3 k2.9 k2.3 kEgyptian President Morsi makes state visit to China
5437.5 k7.9 k7.3 kTwo Syrian journalists killed around New Year's Day
62514.9 k5 k4.8 kPrison inmate wins 41% against President Obama in West Virginia primary
5554.7 k5.1 k4.6 kMexico authorities find over four dozen corpses
5522.5 k5.6 k2.4 kPhilippine economic growth slows slightly in 2nd quarter of 2012
62915.6 k9.5 k5.5 kSuper Tuesday 2012: Mitt Romney wins six of ten GOP contests
6473.7 k4.2 k3.6 k'Gangnam Style' becomes most watched YouTube video ever
44019 k19 k19 kWikinews interviews Australian Paralympic skiers Toby Kane, Cameron Rahle…
6433.6 k3.7 k3.5 kTwitter restored in Pakistan after block over Muhammad images
7322.3 k3.5 k2.2 kLondon Olympics organizers apologize after North Korea flag gaffe
6343.4 k3.6 k3.3 kAnti-ACTA activists protest across Europe
63813.4 k4.5 k3.3 kSusan G. Komen Foundation reneges on Planned Parenthood funding cuts
64712.2 k2.5 k2.2 kHigh winds in Texas cause property damage and utilities loss for many
4574.9 k5.9 k4.8 kAustralian women's water polo team takes test series against Great Britain
54615.8 k6.1 k5.7 kABC News yanks 20/20 investigation of Tom Cruise and Scientology
5394.6 k10 k4.4 kWikinews Shorts: February 10, 2012
7234.2 k4.2 k4.1 kDisco diva Donna Summer dies at 63
7233.5 k3.6 k3.5 kEgypt cancels 15 year gas supply contract to Israel
5484 k4.5 k3.9 kUS regulators approve new nuclear reactors for first time in 34 years
5304.9 k6.1 k4.8 kJapan beats Aussie Spirit in first two games of series
6312.5 k3.4 k2.5 kFour people shot in parking lot of Wal-Mart store north of Austin, Texas
64912.5 k3.6 k2.5 kFormer Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi found guilty of fraud
53616328.9 k17 kOn the campaign trail, December 2011
44811 k10 k10 kMexico and world react to murdered journalists
4536.5 k8.3 k6.4 kWikinews interviews Americans Elect presidential candidate Mike Ballantine
6313.5 k6.8 k3.4 kCapital Punishment mountain bike race won by Shaun Lewis
6372.6 k4.1 k2.5 kBritish PM says executive pay to be put to shareholder vote
7273.2 k3.2 k3.1 kUN resolution on Syria vetoed by Russia and China
62812.1 k3.9 k2 kExplosion reported in Damascus, Syria
62812 k6.1 k1.9 kTwo arrested over Belfast, Northern Ireland fatal shooting
6312.9 k2.9 k2.8 kAustralian adaptive rowers prepare as Paralympics looms
6244.5 k4.5 k4.4 kRick Santorum drops U.S. presidential bid
6333.2 k3.6 k3.1 kAirlines modify flight routes amid North Korea rocket launch plans
5365.6 k5.6 k5.4 kUK's Wright Stuff comments about Liam Aitchison murder 'resolved', Ofcom …
6243.6 k6.3 k3.6 kWikinews Shorts: May 5, 2012
5413.3 k3.5 k3.2 kGreece defeats Portugal in boccia match at 2012 London Paralympics
5355.2 k6.2 k5 kBrazil defeats China in 5-a-side football in group play at London Paralym…
6253.9 k4.3 k3.8 k'Stop being so damn respectful' say free speech supporters in London
6255.1 k5 k5 kU.S. study says Type 2 diabetes in youth is hard to control
54113.6 k7.6 k3.5 kScottish judge sentences Jack Frew murderer to life imprisonment
6363.1 k3.7 k3 kInquiry ordered into video of US troops urinating on Taliban fighters
5386.3 k7.2 k6.1 kRick Santorum sweeps three non-binding GOP presidential contests
7262.7 k2.7 k2.6 kImam dead in Shia mosque attack in Belgium
54916.2 k19 k6.1 kInternet security firm to donate revenue to charity after Anonymous prote…
5327.5 k8.1 k7.3 kWeb startup Sqoot loses sponsorship after failed advert deemed sexist by …
6413.4 k3.6 k3.3 kBBC Director-General Entwistle resigns
5503.3 k5.5 k3.2 kUK police charge presenter Stuart Hall over indecent assault allegations
6302.1 k3.2 k2.1 kCar bomb hits centre of Beirut
6292.7 k2.9 k2.7 kFrance school bus crash kills one, leaves five seriously injured
4525.2 k5.7 k5.1 kObama, Romney battle over foreign policy in final U.S. presidential debate
6362.9 k3 k2.9 kFlorida man accused of threatening to bomb animal shelter
62912.7 k3.6 k2.6 kChina ends retaliation on social media sites
6363.1 k3.3 k3.1 kNetherlands train crash kills one, injures at least 117
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