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34392115 k134 k112 k2010 UK general election results
3818414 k23 k13 kNineteen activists killed by Israeli commandos aboard aid convoy bound fo…
3110114 k15 k14 kPolish President Lech Kaczyński dies as his plane crashes in Russia
31957.9 k15 k7.8 k8.8 magnitude earthquake hits Chile; tsunami warnings issued throughout P…
281186.2 k10 k6 kPlane crashes into office block in Austin, Texas
25706.2 k7.3 k6 kEuropean airspace closed by volcanic ash
22724.3 k5.1 k4.2 kIcelandic volcanic eruption prompts evacuation, flight diversions
21975.4 k6.2 k5.3 kFormer US Senator Ted Stevens among five killed in Alaska plane crash
22574.2 k5.5 k4.1 kBomb scare closes Times Square, New York
1711516 k17 k15 kChilean earthquakes: in pictures
20727.2 k8 k7 k7.0 magnitude earthquake strikes off Haitian coast
189313 k15 k13 kDetails emerge in Haiti earthquake; thousands feared dead
19574.2 k8.5 k4.1 kWikiLeaks releases Iraq War logs
21633.8 k5.3 k3.7 kPlane crash in Pakistani capital kills 152
189111 k15 k11 kEurope's airline chaos: in depth
16783.9 k15 k3.8 kBan on YouTube spreads to Google services in Turkey
19774.9 k9.3 k4.8 kMagnitude 7.0 earthquake hits New Zealand
18614.6 k5.1 k4.5 k7.2 quake rattles lower Colorado River area in Mexico
18554.7 k9.2 k4.6 kUK elections: David Cameron becomes Prime Minister
1415817 k19 k17 kCopiapó, Chile mining accident: in depth
19413.1 k3.3 k3 kYouTube, Facebook blocked in Pakistan
20342.5 k3.3 k2.4 kUS House of Representatives passes health care bill
19583.1 k3.5 k3 kThirteen die in Cumbria, United Kingdom, after series of shootings
19423.2 k3.3 k3.1 kOver 100 dead in Libyan plane crash
15869.8 k10 k9.6 kPacific Rim braces for tsunami following major Chilean earthquake
16704.6 k5.1 k4.5 kNew York Yankees executive George Steinbrenner dies at 80
18404.2 k6.8 k4.1 kGunman holds hostage in U.S. television station offices
16474.8 k4.9 k4.7 k'Criminal in a police uniform' given eleven years jail for role in Englis…
16424.9 k16 k4.8 kUS military to carry out review following Wikileaks release of classified…
17462.6 k5.1 k2.5 kUS actor Gary Coleman dies aged 42
16533.8 k4.8 k3.7 kHong Kong tourists held hostage in the Philippines, nine killed
146310 k12 k9.9 kFIFA announce Russia to host 2018 World Cup, Qatar to host 2022 World Cup
14504.3 k4.5 k4.2 kWikinews interviews Diego Grez, Chilean earthquake survivor
16442.9 k4.3 k2.9 kMan found dead after Stockholm explosion
125915 k44 k15 kWikinews interviews William Pomerantz, Senior Director of Space Prizes at…
16483.7 k7.1 k3.6 kUS scientist creates 'artificial life'
15405.9 k7.3 k5.8 kOil-eating microbe found in the Gulf of Mexico
16423.5 k6.5 k3.4 kNorth Korean military fires artillery on populated South Korean island
18363 k3.6 k3 kGeorgian Olympian luge competitor dies in training accident
15362.8 k4.8 k2.7 kRonnie Lee Gardner executed by Utah firing squad
17413 k3.3 k2.9 kNew planet found in 'Habitable Zone'
109811 k14 k11 kWikinews investigates: Advertisements disguised as news articles trick un…
11743.6 k8.9 k3.5 kGuatemalan news reporter killed by Pacaya volcano
14492.7 k4 k2.7 kChilean President visits Pichilemu to inaugurate Agustín Ross Cultural Ce…
14643.8 k5 k3.7 kSpain hit by 6.3 magnitude earthquake
16375.1 k5.1 k5 kScientist demands end to US 'addiction to oil'
12616.7 k9 k6.5 kUS undergraduate commits suicide after 'outing' via webcast
12523.2 k830 k3.2 kStrong rain and wind kill one in Chile
14434.6 k4.9 k4.4 kChina threatens to take action over US-Taiwan deal
13506.2 k8.3 k6 kPressure mounts against Florida church plans to burn Qur'an
11779.2 k11 k9 kColegio Preciosa Sangre, Pichilemu, amidst other Chilean schools celebrat…
11748.4 k16 k8.2 kPastor of Florida church cancels plans to burn Qur'an, later reconsiders
12567.2 k8.6 k7.1 kCNN journalist fired for controversial Twitter message
11697 k8 k6.8 k'Bloody Sunday Inquiry' publishes report into British Army killing of act…
15312.4 k3 k2.4 kVenezuelan army on high alert after Chávez cuts diplomatic ties with Colo…
14485.7 k6.2 k5.5 k6.2 magnitude earthquake hits northern Chile
107511 k11 k10 kTeachers at Australian school shocked at no warning over redundancies, ca…
13534.1 k9.5 k4 kSpain defeat the Netherlands 1-0 in extra time to win 2010 FIFA World Cup
14405.2 k5.5 k5.1 kSpaceX launches first Falcon 9 rocket
124016 k45 k15 kScott Brown wins special election for Massachusetts's Senate seat in upse…
11815 k17 k4.9 kMV Rachel Corrie seized by Israeli Naval Forces
13559.8 k10 k9.6 kSwedish man uses webcam to broadcast suicide live on internet
14382.2 k5 k2.1 kLarge Hadron Collider reaches milestone
13385.3 k14 k5.2 kResearcher claims solution to P vs NP math problem
132612 k11 k11 kUK bans export of fraudulent bomb detector; arrests director of manufactu…
13445.6 k5.7 k5.5 kFlash floods kill at least nineteen campers in Arkansas
13422.4 k3.2 k2.4 kUS combat forces pull out of Iraq
10716.5 k7.8 k6.4 kUS nationals arrested for alleged abduction of Haitian children
13352.9 k4.2 k2.8 k'Black box' found near crash site of Airblue flight
14363.3 k3.5 k3.2 kUnited States and England open World Cup with 1–1 draw
14414.9 k5.9 k4.8 k6.9 magnitude earthquake hits western China
13265.1 k5.5 k5 kTrain collision kills at least eighteen near Brussels, Belgium
11356 k11 k5.9 kBuilding collapses, leaving four dead in Hong Kong
14222.9 k4.4 k2.8 kUK research indicates big bums are healthy
13202.6 k7.4 k2.6 kCalifornia teen becomes youngest to conquer Everest
96412 k12 k11 kChilean earthquakes in the O'Higgins Region: photoessay
13284 k4 k3.9 kAustralian federal election 2010: Parliament hung
12543.3 k4.5 k3.2 k7.7 magnitude earthquake hits Nicobar Islands, India
12502.9 k3.8 k2.9 kLeaked cables cause Australian concern
13344.2 k5.5 k4.1 kNiger coup ousts president
14263.4 k3.5 k3.3 kNASA scientist: Chile earthquake may have shifted Earth's axis, shortened…
14263.5 k5.7 k3.4 k'Psychic' octopus backs Spain to win World Cup
13302.1 k2.9 k2.1 kNelson Mandela's great-granddaughter dies in car crash
13254 k6.7 k3.9 kWikileaks to release thousands of secret documents; 'international embarr…
11513.5 k5 k3.4 kUK police involved in stand-off with gunman Raoul Moat
11578.7 k10 k8.5 kUK elections: Hung parliament, Cameron to negotiate with Liberal Democrats
13312.7 k3.2 k2.6 kScientists develop 'Smart Bomb' treatment that targets cancer cells
13322.6 k3 k2.6 kVolcanic eruption starts on top of Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland
12403.5 k5.1 k3.4 kSwitzerland sets Polish film director Roman Polanski free
13342 k2.2 k2 kCanada announces $9 billion plan to purchase 65 F-35 fighters
94911 k11 k10 kFootball: Chelsea beat Wigan to win fourth Premier League title
11505.1 k6.3 k5 kWikileaks founder Julian Assange granted bail, set free
11607.3 k7.4 k7.1 kCurrent polls show high probability of hung parliament in 2010 UK general…
12343.6 k4.1 k3.5 kSecond round of Bonn UN Climate Change negotiations continue
12372.9 k3.1 k2.8 kAhmadinejad criticizes Paul the octopus
9747.7 k16 k7.5 kUK students protest for second time this month
12352.6 k3 k2.5 kFishermen find body of child killed by Chile tsunami in Pichilemu
12482.1 k3.9 k2.1 kLarge gas main explodes in San Bruno, California neighborhood
13382.5 k3.7 k2.5 kWikipedia and sister projects prepare new, easier interface
10407.1 k9.5 k6.9 k'Crown Fire' forces residents in Southern California to evacuate homes
13272.6 k2.7 k2.5 kFrance, Germany officials warn against using Internet Explorer
11333 k3.4 k3 kInternational Committee of the Red Cross condemns Gaza blockade
10388.3 k11 k8.1 kCountries around the world send aid, help to Haiti
12361.7 k2.6 k1.6 kMagnitude 5.0 earthquake hits Central Canada
10383.9 k5.4 k5.4 kBritish soap opera Coronation Street celebrates 50 years on air
95215 k14 k14 kWikinews discusses H1N1 with the WHO
13282.3 k3.2 k2.2 kGoogle to discontinue social networking application Google Wave
12282.5 k3.5 k2.5 kMark Zuckerberg named 2010 Time Person of the Year
10523.2 k4 k3.2 kMen isolated to mimic Mars flight
13283 k3.3 k2.9 kIndia approves symbol for currency
102614 k14 k14 kWikinews interviews journalist Konrad Godlewski, who uncovered BATUTA hoax
9495.9 k6.5 k5.8 kIndiana Department of Homeland Security violates Wikipedia copyright
9737.2 k9.1 k7.1 kPower outage affects many areas of Chile
12237.8 k8.5 k7.6 kUS, UK embassies in Yemen close due to al-Qaeda threat
11574.1 k8.2 k4 k2010 FIFA World Cup: Spain beats Chile; both go to second round
10375.5 k5.9 k5.4 kBritain thinks Africans are barbaric, claims South African President
11444.5 k4.8 k4.4 kAstronomers discover largest star on record
12242 k3.2 k2 kSevere sandstorm strikes Beijing, China
10394.7 k5.2 k4.6 kApple unveils new MacBook Air laptops, iLife '11 software suite
11313.8 k4.2 k3.7 kContinental and United Airlines to merge
9505.8 k6.5 k5.7 kFBI asks Wikimedia Foundation to remove seal from websites, Wikimedia dec…
10452.9 k5 k2.8 kNaoto Kan elected new Prime Minister of Japan
9539.4 k9.4 k9.2 kOil spewing from crack in seafloor of Gulf of Mexico was fifty feet from …
8717.4 k16 k7.2 kLatest 'CableGate' disclosures hint at US diplomatic tactics in Spain and…
8427.7 k12 k7.5 kProspective Nobel Prize for Higgs boson work disputed
12304 k4.4 k3.9 kWikileaks website attacked; millions of files to be released tonight
10394.3 k5 k4.2 kFive hundred Euro note withdrawn from sale in UK
9558.1 k9.7 k7.9 kGoogle may shut down Chinese operations due to censorship and cyber attacks
11351.7 k2.5 k1.7 kThree shot dead at University of Alabama in Huntsville
9595.4 k6.8 k5.3 kBP: New cap on Gulf of Mexico oil well in place
12165.1 k5.5 k5 kNew BP oil spill plan
9524.1 k4.8 k4 kWikinews interviews Peter Coti, eyewitness to north eastern US storm
10514.5 k4.7 k4.4 kCalifornia's same-sex marriage ban ruled unconstitutional; appeal expected
10413.1 k3.8 k3 kIsrael announces inquiry into Gaza aid ship deaths
10352.3 k2.9 k2.3 kTwo arrests at Liverpool airport after attempt to smuggle corpse onto fli…
9424.6 k4.9 k4.5 k5.9 magnitude earthquake in Pichilemu, Chile revives fears of new tragedy
9586.9 k9.8 k6.7 kUS suspects North Korea and Burma participating in 'covert military' acti…
8549.1 k13 k8.9 kWikinews Shorts: August 5, 2010
8578 k11 k7.8 kGlenn Beck to hold controversial 'Restoring Honor' rally at Lincoln Memor…
11333 k3.6 k2.9 kUgandan president distances himself from anti-gay bill
11312.2 k2.9 k2.2 kBlast kills seven in China
10274.2 k5.5 k4.1 kGerman Physical Society demands nuclear disarmament
10207.8 k7.6 k7.6 kMajor snowstorm sweeps across Eastern US
11362.4 k2.6 k2.3 kEleven year-old driver kills family in collision
11372.5 k4.4 k2.5 kPlants may adapt faster to climate change than previously thought, new st…
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9532.9 k2.9 k2.8 kMagnitude 5.4 earthquake hits Southern California
11233 k3 k2.9 kBP: Plug for underwater oil leak in Gulf of Mexico fails
10374.4 k6.3 k4.3 kThree Google executives found guilty over Italian video
10263.6 k6.3 k3.5 kKorean Peninsula on the 'brink of war': DPRK
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