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138557264 k232 k62 kWikinews international report: "Anonymous" holds anti-Scientology protest…
52117510 k42 k9.8 kBarack Obama elected 44th President of the United States
3713627.8 k14 k7.6 kBritish ISPs restrict access to Wikipedia amid child pornography allegati…
32221447 k59 k45 kScientology protest group celebrates founder's birthday worldwide
36169427 k124 k26 kWikinews interviews Mark Bunker, producer of anti-Scientology website 'Xe…
408323.2 k12 k3.1 kAustralian actor Heath Ledger found dead in New York City
2421417 k38 k17 kUS voters go to the polls
339025.2 k7.3 k5.1 kLarge earthquake hits central China
299116.6 k7.5 k6.4 kMultiple extremist attacks in Mumbai, India kill dozens, injure hundreds
309986.1 k14 k5.9 kNew York governor Spitzer tied to prostitution ring
287536.4 k6.8 k6.3 kKosovo declares independence from Serbia
297914.3 k5.4 k4.2 kOver one hundred die in Madrid plane crash
2412368.5 k44 k8.3 k'The Regime' hacks in response to 'Anonymous' attack on Scien…
297879.2 k49 k9 kRumors of Oprah Winfrey's death a hoax
25867.5 k10 k7.4 kRussia joins South Ossetian war
29614.3 k5.4 k4.2 kSchool shooting in Kauhajoki, Finland kills eleven
22763-2.5 k20 k2.6 kMain Page
2497116 k29 k16 kWikinews interviews Jeff Jacobsen, creator of
2110479.9 k38 k9.7 kChurch of Scientology: '"Anonymous' will be stopped"
30764.1 k5 k4 kMinor earthquake shakes England
26816.2 k7.2 k6 kSix dead in campus shooting at Northern Illinois University
255672.7 k9.7 k2.7 kIraqi journalist throws shoes at US president George Bush
2094126 k33 k25 kWikinews' overview of the year 2008
2368611 k53 k10 k"Anonymous" plans to protest Church of Scientology on February 10
1994328 k113 k28 kMcCain and Obama face off in U.S. presidential candidate debate
215623.5 k15 k3.4 kMarriott Hotel in Islamabad bombed
189914.7 k25 k4.6 kVandalism on online epilepsy forum triggers convulsions
1810365.9 k11 k5.8 kRussian Boeing 737 crashes with 88 aboard
235724 k6.2 k3.9 kSir Edmund Hillary dead at 88
17128543 k53 k42 kShimon Peres discusses the future of Israel
226433.8 k5.9 k3.7 kNew York Governor Eliot Spitzer resigns
17115215 k50 k15 k"Anonymous" releases statements outlining "War on Scientology"
215215.9 k6.9 k5.7 kLos Angeles commuter train collides with freight train; over two dozen ki…
234713.8 k4.7 k3.7 kHuckabee, Obama win Iowa caucuses
18594.3 k6.4 k4.2 kUsers insert virus source code into Wikipedia pages
197556.9 k76 k6.7 administrator calls for an end to attacks on Scientology
204834.3 k12 k4.2 kLarge particle accelerators to explore the frontiers of physics
203818.8 k16 k8.6 kPolish exercise book advertisement copies Wikipedia content, violates cop…
1015848 k53 k47 kWikinews interviews team behind the 2,000th featured Wikipedia article
224314.3 k4.3 k4.2 kAlaskan governor Sarah Palin chosen by McCain as Vice Presidential runnin…
186323 k8.2 k3 kChinese Wikipedia unblocked by government
148168.3 k29 k8.1 kChurch of Scientology's 'Operating Thetan' documents leaked online
20474.7 k7 k4.6 kMan decapitated on Greyhound bus in Manitoba
195314 k4.6 k3.9 kBritish Airways flight lands short of runway at London Heathrow Airport
166563.7 k13 k3.6 kOJ Simpson found guilty in kidnapping, armed robbery case
18386.4 k12 k6.3 kIsraeli air strikes hit government compounds in Gaza
18555.4 k6.5 k5.3 kTwo largest known prime numbers discovered just two weeks apart, one qual…
183514.8 k9.4 k4.7 kJohn McCain and Hillary Clinton win New Hampshire primaries
212913.8 k4.3 k3.7 kOlympic torch extinguished three times in Paris
147613 k14 k12 kLibel case against Wikimedia Foundation dismissed
18563.4 k3.4 k3.3 kPirates capture Saudi oil tanker
164714.6 k10 k4.5 kBush deploys military in the US for active duty as federal response force
1211215 k16 k15 kAlleged 'rights group' tries to have 4,000 anti-Scientology videos remove…
17678.7 k8.8 k8.5 kEU fines Microsoft $1.35 billion for non-compliance with antitrust decision
166117.2 k8.1 k7 kUS candidate Barack Obama announces Joe Biden as his running mate via tex…
165515.2 k7.6 k5.1 kRussia advances into Georgia from Abkhazia
1469310 k13 k10 kProtesters arrested at anti-Scientology event in Atlanta
164416.5 k7.6 k6.3 kStaffs for US presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama caught…
147516.2 k19 k6 kHackers attack Church of Scientology website
17492.8 k3 k2.7 kEarthquake strikes southern California
18503.7 k4.5 k3.6 kÍngrid Betancourt and others rescued, says Colombia
17562.9 k4.1 k2.9 kMozilla sets record for most software downloads in 24 hours
119311 k14 k11 kYouTube accounts of Scientology critics suspended
164513.7 k4.7 k3.6 kAmerican actor and comedian Bernie Mac dies at age 50
136415 k18 k15 kWikipedia founder embroiled in affair and financial allegations
184012.6 k2.8 k2.5 kPresident of the LDS Church dies at age 97
137214 k14 k13 kGlobal markets plunge
10105146 k47 k44 kBilly West, voice of Ren and Stimpy, Futurama, on the rough start that sh…
16263 k3.2 k2.9 kHollywood legend Paul Newman dies of cancer age 83
143615.1 k19 k4.9 kWorldwide markets fall precipitously
145436.3 k12 k6.2 kMass delivery of anti-Islamic DVDs in swing voting states
183714.6 k5.1 k4.5 kArson suspected in Namdaemun gate fire in Seoul
17303.6 k3.6 k3.5 kFormer Georgian Minister accuses Saakashvili of war mongering
145510 k11 k9.9 kWikinews investigates claim McCain plagiarized speech from Wikipedia
14653.8 k5.2 k3.7 k'Buried' video surfaces of police making mass arrests during the Republic…
145113.1 k4.4 k3 kGrandmother of Barack Obama dies at 86
13689.7 k11 k9.5 kAustralian Parliament apologises to the Stolen Generations
173914.7 k4.7 k4.6 kMassive explosion in North Toronto, Ontario
146326.2 k7.8 k6.1 kBarack Obama effectively clinches Democratic nomination
163023.8 k13 k3.7 kMalaysian government warns citizens about Uncyclopedia
15518.2 k8.6 k8 kOlympic highlights: August 10, 2008
13504.1 k7.7 k4 kMalware from mass SQL injections confirmed by security experts
172513.4 k3.9 k3.3 kObama wins South Carolina primary
143729.4 k45 k9.2 kNews agencies suggest that campaign operative for Republican Party edited…
125216.3 k11 k6.1 kNobel Peace Prize misused says Norwegian lawyer and activist
144411 k11 k11 kGay marriage banned in three states; other ballot measures decided
15361.9 k4.4 k1.9 kGoogle's search index hits one trillion page mark
101208.6 k16 k8.4 kMUFON releases report on UFO sighting in Stephenville, Texas
144114.1 k7.8 k4.1 kUkrainian manufacturer preparing to sell Adolf Hitler dolls
134326 k18 k5.8 kAnti-Scientology protest material removed from YouTube following threats …
143723.8 k12 k3.7 kRussian troops advance into Georgia, violating truce
192652.6 k4.2 k2.5 kPolice in Texas arrest man eating dead girlfriend
145529.3 k10 k9 kOlympic highlights: August 9, 2008
153022.6 k13 k2.5 kChina lifts ban on non-Chinese versions of Wikipedia
13365.9 k5.9 k5.8 kScientology protest group celebrates founder's birthday worldwide/Coordin…
119734.5 k8.1 k4.4 kHawthorn wins 2008 AFL Grand Final
14503.4 k3.4 k3.3 kTwo dead, seven others wounded in church by gunfire in Tennessee, United …
173014.5 k5.1 k4.4 kFidel Castro resigns as Cuban president
14262.5 k4.2 k2.4 kU.S. entertainment writers' strike may end this week
135615.7 k17 k5.6 kChurch of Scientology warns Wikileaks over documents
14493.1 k3.4 k3.1 kSixteen policemen killed in suspected terrorist attack in Xinjiang, China
15222.8 k7.6 k2.7 kGoogle launches web browser, dubbed Chrome
134813.4 k3.8 k3.3 kUK firm designs hypersonic passenger jet
15302.8 k3.2 k2.7 kMitt Romney suspends his United States presidential campaign, McCain and …
12489 k11 k8.8 kJimmy Wales accused of editing Wikipedia for donations
11664.6 k6.7 k4.5 kUN reports condemn West Bank settlement
182512 k2.2 k2 kMicrosoft bids $44 billion for Yahoo!
126417.5 k8 k7.3 kGerman internet watchdog to remove URLs to 'Virgin Killer' from search en…
135237.8 k13 k7.7 kPope Benedict XVI visit to the United States begins
163423.1 k3.6 k3 kHollywood legend Charlton Heston dies at age 84
1341110 k32 k10 kNine dead after armed Santa Claus opens fire in LA suburb
108116 k16 k15 kSearching for asteroids, extraterrestrial life a little more rocky: Budge…
154713.6 k5 k3.5 kGreater Manchester Police Chief found dead
162332.3 k3.5 k2.2 kCanadian farmer vows to continue providing customers with raw milk despit…
13477.1 k17 k6.9 kSpaceX rocket successfully orbits on fourth attempt
124812.6 k16 k2.5 kIsolated native tribe discovered in Brazil
1043610 k18 k10 kWikimedia Foundation receives copyright infringement claim from Mormon Ch…
113923 k24 k23 kWikinews interviews U.S. Libertarian presidential candidate Wayne Allyn R…
162814.4 k4.6 k4.3 kMicrosoft study proves six degrees of separation
15393.8 k5 k3.7 kUS House of Representatives rejects bail out bill in vote
125124.2 k6.3 k4.1 kPlans set in motion for the removal of Bob Barr as the Libertarian Party'…
134114.5 k5 k4.4 kProtesters demonstrate in front of Latter-day Saint temple in L.A.
123816.4 k21 k6.2 kChurch of Scientology denied injunction against Anonymous
9995.8 k20 k5.7 kAfrican nations gather to support a ban on cluster bombs
11766.7 k25 k6.5 kJapanese detain two anti-whaling activists, deny abuse claims
12764.4 k7.1 k4.3 kFamily blames Scientology for daughter's death
142123.4 k9.1 k3.4 kUS presidential candidate John McCain now leads slightly in the polls
142725.4 k5.9 k5.2 kMumbai sieges come to an end
163412 k3.3 k1.9 kMinor earthquake shakes Illinois
15314.6 k5.6 k4.5 kFinnish internet censorship critic blacklisted
12484.9 k5.4 k4.8 kMa Ying-jeou wins 2008 Taiwan presidential election
9114125 k25 k24 kPopular soap opera 'The Young and the Restless' celebrates 35 years on th…
125624.9 k19 k4.8 kWikinews Shorts: August 11, 2008
12415.7 k6 k5.5 kWikimedia, IWF respond to block of Wikipedia over child pornography alleg…
133232.6 k3.4 k2.5 kVoluntary sterilization of poor women proposed by Louisiana state legisla…
147013.8 k5.6 k3.7 k401 children from Texas sect compound taken into custody
152712.9 k3.1 k2.9 kFire in Universal Studios backlot
11348.5 k11 k8.3 kWill Wikimedia "run on Sun"?
12365.7 k11 k5.6 kWikinews Shorts: November 26, 2008
133923.4 k10 k3.4 kLarge 7.2 earthquake strikes China
143112.6 k3.1 k2.6 kDeadly quake hits southwestern Pakistan
13344 k4 k3.9 k'' taken offline in many areas after fire, court injunction
14253.2 k3.4 k3.2 kWoman attacks aircraft pilots in New Zealand hijacking attempt
152516.4 k6.9 k6.3 k'Pregnancy pact' grabs international attention for small Massachusetts town
152714.3 k5.7 k4.2 kMitt Romney and Hillary Clinton win Nevada Caucuses
13323.5 k4 k3.4 kCassini spacecraft collects sample from geyser on Saturn's moon Enceladus
13403.8 k5.1 k3.7 kTwo bomb blasts kill at least 17 in Istanbul, Turkey
12673.5 k6.9 k3.5 kMassive blackouts hit Florida
132832.1 k12 k2.1 kMan uses home-made flamethrower to set relatives on fire
133314.9 k5.1 k4.7 kMartin Luther King day commemorated by US citizens
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