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101321129.4 k31 k9.2 k33 dead, 15 injured in Virginia Tech shootings
713311016 k41 k16 kHighway bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota, collapses
4625710 k19 k9.9 kCar driven into Glasgow International Airport
4812838.4 k16 k8.2 kBenazir Bhutto killed in suicide attack
5311796.2 k39 k6 kAnna Nicole Smith dies
448724.6 k13 k4.5 kNewly discovered extra-solar planet may be Earth-like
34118107.8 k69 k7.7 kJimmy Wales asks Wikipedian to resign "his positions of trust" over nonex…
3612017.1 k9.7 k7 kVirgin train crashes in England
409164.8 k39 k4.7 kProfessional wrestler Chris Benoit and family found dead
3410448 k15 k7.8 k15 Royal Navy sailors captured at gunpoint by Iranian guards
3212144.2 k8.4 k4.1 kExplosion, steam eruption near Grand Central Terminal in New York City
2911765.7 k31 k5.6 kWikimedia fundraiser highlights webcomic community's frustration with Wik…
338514.3 k7.2 k4.2 kNine killed in Omaha, Nebraska mall shooting
2810327.6 k11 k7.4 kMajor earthquake strikes Peru followed by multiple large aftershocks
278125.6 k32 k5.5 kDeath of Nancy Benoit rumour posted on Wikipedia hours prior to body bein…
2210028.5 k9.7 k8.3 kFormer Chief Operating Officer of Wikimedia Foundation is convicted felon
2111448.7 k13 k8.5 kFOX News fares poorly in investigation of media edits to Wikipedia
2510034.1 k9.9 k4 kBody of alumnus found at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York
2212849.2 k27 k9 kIranian President Ahmadinejad speaks at Columbia University
28706.2 k7.3 k6 kCutty Sark blaze treated as 'suspicious'
275814.5 k5.8 k4.4 kSunday Times says Israel is planning nuclear strike against Iran
29694.7 k6 k4.6 kGunman kills self and hostage in Texas NASA building
287223.9 k6.1 k3.8 suffers user revolt
285042.2 k7.6 k2.2 kTelevangelist Jerry Falwell dies at age 73
238087.4 k70 k7.2 kFurry fans flock to Further Confusion 2007
188210-68615 k5 kMain Page
248825.6 k28 k5.4 kUS raids Iran 'liaison office', Russia says it is unacceptable
253591.2 k16 k6.7 kSaddam Hussein executed by hanging
2682144 k44 k43 kWikinews interviews World Wide Web co-inventor Robert Cailliau
265915.3 k6.5 k5.1 kWildfires burn in southern California
234752.5 k25 k2.5 kFox News security hole exposes 1.5 million users' personal information
217364 k15 k3.9 k'Large-scale attack' against ex-Prime Minister Bhutto leaves more than 10…
189544.2 k5.9 k4.1 kAhmadinejad to free British navy personnel
206638.8 k32 k8.6 kWreckage of Kenya Airways flight 507 found in jungle; All 114 on board ki…
246944.3 k56 k4.2 kDeadly shooting at high school in Finland
21579 k9.1 k8.8 kWikimedia Conference Netherlands 2007 held on wikis and education
234914.8 k5.8 k4.7 kMicrosoft offers to pay blogger to 'correct' Wikipedia article
215342.8 k8.2 k2.8 kExplosion at the U.S. embassy in Athens
18102110 k12 k10 kKenya Airways jet with at least 114 on board crashes
2077735 k57 k34 kObesity and the Fat Acceptance Movement: Kira Nerusskaya speaks
225473.6 k7.4 k3.5 kNebraska Senator sues God
19876.4 k10 k6.3 kCar bomb defused in central London
224913.1 k6.1 k3 k26 Americans, mostly CIA agents, charged for kidnapping in Italy
234113.3 k6.2 k3.2 kTAM Linhas Aéreas plane crashes at São Paulo airport in Brazil
215014.7 k11 k4.6 kHostage taker surrenders peacefully at Hillary Clinton's New Hampshire ca…
203455.8 k40 k5.7 kBloggers cite rumors of US "secret war" with Iran and Syria
204536.6 k7.3 k6.5 kBritish sailors detained by Iran "to be tried for espionage"
186714.3 k5.4 k4.2 kChinese short movie mocks Kim Jong il and his secret agent
20643.7 k5 k3.6 k5.6 earthquake strikes California
204042.9 k20 k2.8 kU.S. air strikes on Somalia confirmed
223423.8 k4.9 k3.7 kAdventurer Steve Fossett missing
194613.3 k3.4 k3.2 kU.S. Senator Obama announces presidential candidacy
203422.9 k7.8 k2.8 kOpera singer Luciano Pavarotti dies at age 71
233843779135 kWorld reacts to execution of Saddam Hussein
21372.6 k6 k2.6 kFull lunar eclipse due on March 3, 2007
204033.2 k4.6 k3.1 kTanker truck fire causes collapse on Oakland Freeway
185924.8 k20 k4.7 kMichael Moore's new film 'Sicko' leaked via P2P
195015.7 k10 k5.5 kTurkish-Armenian journalist killed in Turkey
184226.7 k8.4 k6.5 kStrong earthquake near Solomon Islands, tsunami reported
194424.7 k11 k4.6 kComplaints about Bible surge after HK student paper classified as indecent
194123.3 k6.2 k3.2 k'Bridezilla' YouTube video: many debate legitimacy
213722.8 k4.7 k2.8 kSatirist Stephen Colbert runs for U.S. President
184512.2 k6.4 k2.1 kHome video captures alleged UFOs in Haiti
175427.2 k7.6 k7 kVirginia Tech shooter identified, witness reports emerge
193523.7 k6 k3.6 kAt least 7 killed in Wisconsin shooting rampage
183443.4 k11 k3.4 kAl Gore and Climate Panel awarded Nobel Peace prize 2007
183127.4 k36 k7.2 kChampions League round of sixteen—first leg results
157445.1 k23 k5 kPilots spot 'UFOs' near the Channel Islands
145433.1 k8.2 k3 kComplaints lodged, police helpless as "boobs on bikes" parade happens in …
1628211 k20 k11 k"Sunshine", "Queen" in the spotlight as 79th Annual Academy Award nominat…
121197.2 k11 k7 kBBC Reporter Alan Johnston is released in Gaza
1554422 k27 k21 kInterview with U.S. Republican Presidential candidate Tom Tancredo
17502.8 k3.6 k2.8 kLarge fire on London 2012 Olympics site
173912.9 k4.8 k2.9 kIndonesian passenger plane crashes in mountains
17355.6 k6.2 k5.5 kViolence in Uganda over forest clearing proposal
165414 k15 k14 kWikinews' overview of the year 2007
184613.7 k12 k3.6 kWhite House refuses to release climate policy documents
18424.7 k4.9 k4.5 kFinal Harry Potter book goes on sale
17446.8 k18 k6.7 kRetired Wikipedian suggests Pulitzer winner tried to pay him; practice un…
155725 k9.3 k4.9 kStudent arrested over "art" shirt with exposed wiring at Boston Airport
16624 k4.5 k3.9 kThousands protest Iraq war in Washington D.C.
18273.2 k3.3 k3.2 kPolish homosexuals flee persecution by new right-wing government
137732 k39 k31 kDalai Lama's representative talks about China, Tibet, Shugden and the nex…
17382 k2.6 k1.9 kBravitude and Chair of the Wikimedia Foundation on the main French TV net…
102112.5 k3.8 M2.4 kReports say body of missing US soldier found in Iraq
146547 k236 k46 kSatanism: An interview with Church of Satan High Priest Peter Gilmore
184414.6 k5 k4.5 kTwo strong earthquakes jolt Japan
183721.9 k2.5 k1.9 kBoris Yeltsin, former president of Russia, dies at 76
182732.1 k6.7 k2 kYouTube to remove 100,000 videos
162732.9 k8.6 k2.8 kSarkozy wins 2007 French Presidential election
163815.8 k6.6 k5.7 kAustralian Prime Minister targets Obama on Iraq
183112.7 k3.3 k2.6 kApple introduces iPhone and Apple TV
145614.7 k8.4 k4.6 kFormer US First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson dies at 94
173512.6 k4.2 k2.5 kMarble slab falls off skyscraper in Toronto
16384.2 k4.1 k4.1 kGlasgow International Airport reopened; arrests made and houses searched
163842.5 k3.2 k2.4 kCalifornia senator opposed to cell-phones involved in cell-phone related …
154821.7 k11 k1.7 kGiant Lego man found in sea
16443.1 k5.7 k3 kBritish company designs Paris Hilton protest panties
18372.5 k2.9 k2.4 kFatal shooting at Salt Lake City mall
116725 k65 k24 kLatest trial of the One Laptop Per Child running in India; Uruguay orders…
173122.9 k3.7 k2.8 kAustralian TV show The Chaser breaches APEC security; 11 charged
1436419 k59 k19 kAnthrocon 2007 draws thousands to Pittsburgh for furry weekend
174312.8 k4.6 k2.7 kTurner Broadcasting apologizes for Boston scare
14532.4 k2.6 k2.3 kBritish Prime Minister Tony Blair to resign on June 27
145217.4 k8 k7.3 kSprint Nextel customer service rep. harasses client; Sprint cancels his a…
137013.7 k6.5 k3.6 kReports: Taliban leader Mullah Dadullah killed in Afghanistan
143032 k22 k1.9 kYouTube user gets instant fame for video defending Britney Spears
16293.4 k3.5 k3.4 kExplosion near Afganistan base kills at least 19, U.S. Vice President may…
1465238 k48 k37 kThe Onion: An interview with 'America's Finest News Source'
16262.6 k2.8 k2.5 kWikimania jury chooses Alexandria for 2008 location
11845.2 k10 k5.1 kUS claims Iraqi militants armed with Iranian weapons
126345.3 k7.3 k5.2 kThailand bans YouTube over videos insulting king
1344346 k137 k45 kJohn Reed on Orwell, God, self-destruction and the future of writing
164112.9 k3.2 k2.9 kRussian polar submarine TV footage faked
18312.4 k3.6 k2.3 kNorth Korea agrees to end nuclear program
184312.3 k2.6 k2.2 kChina Airlines plane catches fire at Japanese airport
1535111 k11 k11 kMass wedding held against racism in Belgium
153725.3 k8.7 k5.2 kColts win Super Bowl XLI
144458 k11 k7.8 kIsraeli website reports speculation over U.S. attack on Iran in April
119433 k36 k32 kDr. Joseph Merlino on sexuality, insanity, Freud, fetishes and apathy
1257110 k93 k10 kSirius CEO visits congress
163163.9 k13 k3.8 kMonster Pig killed by eleven-year old boy
152934.2 k4.4 k4.1 kUK prepared to go 'into different phase' if sailors and marines not relea…
14681.9 k2.6 k1.8 kApple concerned with iPhone icons' alleged misuse
154911.9 k6.2 k1.8 kInformal MSNBC Poll: 87% of respondents believe Bush should be impeached
15242.5 k2.7 k2.5 kCNN typo mixes up prospective U.S. presidential candidate with Osama bin …
152523 k16 k2.9 kNASA readies Mars lander for launch
143634.5 k5.7 k4.4 kPro-secular Turks rally against Erdogan's possible presidential candidacy
126719.9 k10 k9.6 k"Dr Dino" gets 10 years in prison after failure to pay taxes
143513.3 k3.7 k3.2 kCanadian government threatens to ignore law respecting Kyoto Protocol
143015 k14 k4.9 kJacques Chirac announces he will not pursue a third Presidential mandate
153212.5 k2.6 k2.4 kMayor of Nagasaki dies after being shot
124513.8 k29 k3.7 kCanadian power worker says grid is 'String of Christmas Lights that’s bee…
153716.5 k8 k6.3 kElectronic voting disputed in France
172532.8 k2.9 k2.7 kKing of Spain tells Hugo Chavez to 'shut up' during summit
154218.5 k28 k8.3 k2007 Cricket World Cup: West Indies vs Pakistan
173633 k4.6 k2.9 kOne killed in clashes over World War monument in Estonia
132953.9 k44 k3.8 kBoeing unveils new 787 Dreamliner
142523.1 k10 k3 kBlack Box from missing Indonesian plane may have been found
152614.5 k4.7 k4.4 kDutch TV kidney reality show was a hoax
153224.4 k5.1 k4.3 kBoy survives flight in wheel well of Boeing 737
16304.2 k4.2 k4.1 kSerbia wins Eurovision Song Contest 2007
152814 k4.5 k3.9 kJudge orders Paris Hilton to return to jail
143125 k5.2 k4.8 kUK Celebrity Big Brother loses sponsorship over racism allegations
154423.2 k3.8 k3.2 kEarthquake strikes Kent, England
142910 k17 k9.9 kEurope hit by storms, 45 deaths reported
125143.4 k12 k3.3 kColumbine High School evacuated following bomb scare
144615.6 k9.6 k5.5 kLakota activists declare secession from US
124816.5 k8.1 k6.4 kChris Benoit mystery editor confesses: claims "terrible coincidence"
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