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2286772019 k506 k19 kCoordinated terrorist attack hits London
11381015.9 k652 k5.8 kColleges offering admission to displaced New Orleans students
95337210 k87 k9.8 kFour small explosions strike London's transport system
474612136 k480 k133 kResults of 2005 United Kingdom General Election
61221279.8 k47 k9.6 kDance party broken up by police in Utah, USA
59198711 k96 k11 kMajor explosions at UK oil depot
5024313 k21 k13 kCypriot plane with 121 on board crashes in Greece
5012326.2 k13 k6 kArmed police shoot man dead on London Underground
4811211 k12 k11 kStrong earthquake hits Pakistan, north India, Afghanistan
40134112 k16 k11 kPope John Paul II dies
3913714.5 k18 k4.4 kAll passengers survive Toronto plane crash
391301616 k70 k15 kViolence at Cronulla Beach as 5000 people gather
408395.3 k33 k5.2 kGerman Cardinal Ratzinger elected Pope Benedict XVI
3711036.6 k10 k6.4 kMany dead in Egyptian resort blasts
37113412 k173 k12 kResults of 2005 German federal election
387944.2 k40 k4.1 kMandatory evacuation declared in New Orleans, US
3563418 k55 k17 kInterview with Jimbo Wales
308319 k19 k19 kFrance votes no in EU referendum
318526.4 k7.7 k6.3 kTempers flare over New Orleans tragedy
295265.4 k19 k5.2 kGoogle offers to help Wikipedia
26109313 k37 k12 kLewis "Scooter" Libby indicted on five charges
288225.5 k6.4 k5.4 kMagnitude 8.7 earthquake hits Northern Sumatra, Indonesia
296924.9 k11 k4.8 kMan shot on London Underground unconnected to bombing, says Scotland Yard
2512925.9 k11 k5.8 kHurricane Dennis heads for Gulf Coast, leaves trail of destruction in its…
3069111 k14 k11 kNYC Transit on strike
258548.5 k12 k8.3 kFederal response to Katrina a "national disgrace"
304726.2 k6.1 k6 kMichelin's tyre mistake sends US Formula One Grand Prix into farce
2113917 k21 k17 kHundreds of thousands rally in Australia against IR legislation
265174.7 k242 k4.6 kMSN Encarta introduces wiki-like enhancements
297214.1 k7.6 k4 kLethal explosions hit Bali
256025.1 k7.2 k5 kPresident Bush may veto amendment that bans detainee mistreatment
286534.8 k6.8 k4.7 kPassenger claims to have bomb, killed by air marshals at Miami Internatio…
267719 k12 k8.8 kLive 8 concerts around the world to "End Poverty Now"
248316.9 k9.2 k6.7 kKarl Rove named as a source of Plame leak
275916 k17 k5.8 kBroadband users kicked off service for constant questioning
26743.6 k6.6 k3.5 kFrench riots continue into second week
255724.5 k17 k4.4 kSimon's Rock College tests Alan Turing theories with 'Imitation Game' exp…
263713.3 k4 k3.2 kSpace Shuttle Discovery launches
237828.5 k16 k8.3 kExecution of two gay teens in Iran spurs controversy
26506.2 k6.6 k6 kLondon to host 2012 Olympic Games
245713.7 k13 k3.6 kFirst beta of Windows API 'Wine' released
255953.3 k11 k3.2 kRussian submarine rescued by Royal Navy
274915.9 k8.8 k5.8 kWikipedia victim of onslaught of April Fool's jokes
254417.2 k8.3 k7 kReligious broadcaster Pat Robertson calls for assassination of Venezuela'…
235917 k20 k17 kResults of the 2005 New Zealand General Election
236619.1 k11 k8.9 kBigger than Pluto, possible 10th planet found
21725.2 k5.4 k5.1 kPresident Bush of the United States authorized NSA surveillance of citize…
24518 k8.5 k7.8 kBrazilian shot by police on London Underground was not acting suspiciously
243613.8 k9.6 k3.7 kMajor security flaws found in Mozilla Firefox browser
215915.7 k9.8 k5.6 kUS admits use of white phosphorus in Iraq
25403.6 k4.1 k3.5 kEarthquake strikes northeast Japan, shakes Tokyo
234724.6 k6.5 k4.4 kRapper Kanye West denounces Bush response, American media at hurricane re…
2072116.2 k15 k6 kU.S. house majority leader DeLay indicted, steps down temporarily
15166225 k30 k25 kResults of 2005 British Columbia, Canada General Election
215357.2 k14 k7.1 kSydney racial violence continues
215613.1 k4.5 k3 kJapanese commuter train derails, apartment building smashed
22452.9 k5.9 k2.9 kWikimedia Foundation's first Wikimania convention held in Germany
253742.1 k7 k2 kHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince released
23484.8 k5.3 k4.7 kTotal evacuation of New Orleans planned
23563.8 k4.4 k3.7 kFourteen dead as passenger helicopter crashes off Estonia
187339 k11 k8.8 kAlleged Bush-Blair Al-Jazeera bombing transcript leaked
216413.4 k6 k3.4 kU.S. Senator calls for nationwide investigation into Army recruitment tac…
213945.8 k23 k5.6 kWorld leaders respond to London blasts
186461.5 k38 k1.4 kU.S. Government ordered to release more images related to Abu Ghraib case
187154.8 k26 k4.7 kMother's plea to U.S. president gains widespread attention
21515 k6.7 k4.9 kEuropean Parliament rejects computer-implemented inventions directive
203826.4 k412 k6.3 kBush speaks of goals for U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, decries calls for tim…
223512.4 k7 k2.4 kBush nominates John G. Roberts for U.S. Supreme Court
215313 k9.3 k2.9 kPlane carrying 160 crashes in Venezuela
22453.4 k4.9 k3.3 kApple Computer CEO Steve Jobs gives opening keynote to WWDC 2005
205323.5 k13 k3.4 kPlane ditches into sea near Sicily
195325.9 k26 k5.7 kBush appoints John Bolton United States' ambassador to the United Nations
129286727.3 k2 kMain Page
214816 k17 k5.9 kUS use of white phosphorus in Iraq may constitute a war crime
20523.4 k4.3 k3.3 kUK Police evacuate Birmingham city centre
195325.7 k6.1 k5.6 kUnited States President George W. Bush makes speech to rally support for …
1560111 k15 k11 kHundreds of SUNY New Paltz students demonstrate, storm administration bui…
23373.3 k3.9 k3.2 kJet Blue airliner lands with broken nose gear
223654.9 k14 k4.8 kUS Senate approves rules regulating detainee treatment
18584.9 k5 k4.8 kWhite House, Capitol Building evacuated as small plane enters no-fly zone
203643.7 k5.3 k3.6 kUS flag burning amendment approved by House
19444.5 k5 k4.4 kLive grenade thrown at George Bush in Georgia
20418.2 k9.3 k8 kIRA orders end to armed campaign
223919185.4 k918Microsoft invested 4 billion USD into Xbox division
214712.4 k2.9 k2.3 kChief Justice of the United States, William H Rehnquist, dies at age 80
233224003.5 k35 kStrongest earthquake in 40 years hits Southeast Asia
203814.7 k6 k4.6 kAustralian Minister 'leaks' draft of anti-terror bill
193446.3 k13 k6.2 kIranian president says move Israel to Europe
164945.5 k13 k5.4 kMuslim leaders don't accept "pressured" apology
214013.8 k5.7 k3.7 kMajor ISP Level 3 experiences downtime
213323 k3.6 k2.9 kABC News anchor Peter Jennings dies at 67
203313.1 k3.1 k3 kWikipedia and Britannica about as accurate in science entries, reports Na…
19472.9 k4.4 k2.8 kJetliner crashes in Indonesia
156246.1 k13 k5.9 k60th anniversary of the end of the war in Asia and Pacific commemorated
174416.7 k8.5 k6.5 kAllegations President Bush staged photo-ops in aftermath of Hurricane Kat…
15626.7 k8.3 k6.5 kFurther details about Bush-Blair memo stopped
213412 k4 k1.9 kBush crashes his bike into Scottish police officer
19393.5 k4.2 k3.4 kA leak at the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing facility on Cumbrian coast,…
18333.7 k4.7 k3.6 kAustralian Van Nguyen executed in Singapore
194033.5 k14 k3.4 kTropical Storm Katrina threatens Florida, Bahamas
184232.6 k3.5 k2.5 kHardliner wins Iran presidential runoff
20423 k4.3 k2.9 kFDA recalls foreign meat used in aid for victims of Hurricane Katrina
173832.9 k7.5 k2.9 kNYPD shuts down anti-war speech due to absence of permit
18303.1 k3.5 k3 kTerri Schiavo dies
164455.1 k6.7 k5 kG8 finance ministers agree on deal to relieve debts of 18 poorest nations
183742.5 k3.5 k2.5 kEinstein's equation turns 100
18384.2 k5.1 k4.1 kCongressman Cunningham admits taking bribes
174635.9 k6.1 k5.8 kBush has a rehearsed tele-conference with US troops in Iraq
20403.7 k5.5 k3.6 kHurricane Katrina: Resources regarding missing/located people
19343.1 k4 k3 kHurricane Wilma becomes stronger on its path toward Florida
1012013 k31 k13 kCapture of FARC member creates crisis between Venezuela and Colombia
17417.6 k8.5 k7.4 kChemical weapons used in Iraq by US military, says Italian documentary
173753.3 k9.4 k3.2 kAmerican soldiers accused of desecrating enemy bodies
17385 k5.4 k4.9 kAmnesty International calls for Guantanamo shutdown
15576.3 k6.4 k6.2 kHelpline: Do you know this pianist?
17435.5 k6.6 k5.4 kPossible 'mastermind' of London bombings captured in Egypt
172751.6 k103 k1.5 kLight stopped for over a second
173313.3 k3.5 k3.3 k61.6% of the Dutch people say 'no' to EU constitution
19543.3 k3.9 k3.2 kExplosions rock New Delhi marketplace
203813.1 k3.3 k3 kFirefox 1.5 beta released to public
173213 k3.6 k2.9 kKyoto Protocol comes into effect
184433.6 k4.9 k3.5 kBritish Columbia teachers dropping the chalk and walking out
17365.2 k6 k5.1 kChinese chemical plant explosion threatens water supply for major city
16533.6 k7 k3.5 kJetliner crash-lands in Peru
174133.2 k9.9 k3.1 kSeries of explosions hit hotels in Amman
163741.9 k5.9 k1.8 kUS military to buy anthrax and bioweapons production systems
204114.3 k4.6 k4.2 kVideo game's secret sex scenes spark outrage
182932 k11 k2 kSpace Shuttle Discovery lands safely in California
145634.4 k55 k4.3 kHunter S. Thompson obituary spawns "murder" theory
163633.1 k8.3 k3.1 kMany nations offer material aid to hurricane victims; Bush refuses to acc…
175313.2 k4.2 k3.1 kBlack teenager murdered in racial attack in Liverpool, England
15377.8 k8.6 k7.6 kBush Administration changes official position on legitimacy of Qur'an des…
17322.6 k3 k2.6 kUS Homeland Security raises transit terror alert
14487.3 k9 k7.1 k"Piano Man" is not British actor, search down to three leads
172824.5 k13 k4.4 kCivil unrest forces out Ecuador's president
135117.1 k8.4 k6.9 kUN Report: Earth ecosystem in peril
192613.9 k4.7 k3.8 kWidespread looting blamed for disrupted rescue efforts in New Orleans, Lo…
162233.6 k13 k3.5 kHackers crack Sony PSP to allow Internet chat, web surfing
16375.9 k5.8 k5.8 kWorld Health Organisation: China engaging in bird flu cover up
142135.6 k240 k5.4 kPfizer and Microsoft team up against Viagra spam
182922.4 k3.4 k2.3 kExplosions hit waterfront in New Orleans, Louisiana
15395.1 k80 k5 kTom Cruise debates psychiatry on NBC's Today show
144633.5 k8 k3.4 k$1,000 reward offered for answer from US President
15394 k9.8 k3.9 kInternational stock markets tumble after UK blasts
14712.2 k5.5 k2.1 kSeveral hundred killed after stampede in Baghdad
153414.7 k22 k4.6 kReactions to Apple's OS X Tiger
15405.7 k6.2 k5.6 kUK general election, 2005
18294.5 k4.5 k4.4 kKatrina survivor searchers prepare for the worst
152012.6 k7.8 k2.6 kNew version of Opera web browser released
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