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414223233314.5 kIranian cargo plane crashes into Karaj houses
44300Lion Air disaster: Crashed jet's voice recorder recovered from Java Sea
333159609742.3 kNazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe ends hunger strike
32500Arrest made as mayor of Gdańsk, Poland stabbed on stage
1933-5.8 k8.1 k13 kWikinews:Water cooler/miscellaneous
9242 k2 k3.9 kTalk:Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe ends hunger strike
23400Scientists report correlation between locations of Easter Island statues …
24242 k2 k3.7 kTalk:Iranian cargo plane crashes into Karaj houses
22300State-run bus crashes in Cuba en route to Havana, killing seven
22260260260User talk:ZakMais6144
18400Wikinews:Contact us
16000Wikinews investigates disappearance of Indonesian cargo ship Namse Bangdzod
11843843843Nous sommes devenu des Apartheid sur notre propre terre
33151.1 k1 k3.4 kTemplate:Assistant/extract section
17232772.1 k2.3 kComments:'Pregnancy pact' grabs international attention for small Massach…
1117.1 k6.9 k11 kWikinews:Water cooler/miscellaneous/archives/2018/December
13400Simple animals could live in Martian brines: Wikinews interviews planetar…
2211-3.5 k3.4 k21 kWikinews:Requested articles
11700President Trump says he 'can' and 'may' put US into state of emergency to…
11166166166User talk:MArostegui (WMF)
11160160160User talk:Allan09126
12555User:JCrespo (WMF)/test
11163163163User talk:Nintendo No.1
11160160160User talk:2002loucle
11156156156User talk:DRIS92
6129579572.1 kTemplate:Assistant/extract section/doc
11164164164User talk:ClaradaMota157
11162162162User talk:RobbinLoftus
11161161161User talk:Bondsbutler
11157157157User talk:Dwynter
11188188188User talk:أحمد اليونسي العلاوي
11170170170User talk:Mega super editorman
11177177177User talk:"~Le secret du président~"
11161161161User talk:Irobotjones
11163163163User talk:MaverickEagle
11159159159User talk:Crockwave
11159159159User talk:Stombari7
11158158158User talk:StSierż
11171171171User talk:The World's Signature
11163163163User talk:Cristal peña
11163163163User talk:GermanOleynik
11165165165User talk:Ross89819154931
11162162162User talk:AMYSTICdream
11160160160User talk:WikiLord11
11159159159User talk:Clusterer
11157157157User talk:TOINFIK
11156156156User talk:Rickpv
11157157157User talk:Simms12
11157157157User talk:Sarlack
7115825824.7 kTalk:Male Magellanic penguins pine for pairings: Scientists examine reaso…
11168168168User talk:Akshay Vengurlekar
11164164164User talk:Needofthought1
11163163163User talk:Sergeidorogan
11163163163User talk:Yuvrajdjadhav
11163163163User talk:Ehsanahmadi85
11162162162User talk:Benny49Q9551
11160160160User talk:Staubach88
11160160160User talk:TuyetY9719
11160160160User talk:RAHUL 1157
11157157157User talk:ViraajD
11157157157User talk:1812boi
11156156156User talk:Sallym
11157157157User talk:Egregiu
11303030User talk:ThisIsOurTurn
11313131User talk:Andi Stirner
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8300Catalonia apartment block fire kills three, injures sixteen
11343434User talk:Meisam5670
11333333User talk:Abhinickz6
11303030User talk:Raad.joe
110088User talk:Pranops
1100159User talk:Fogust
1100158User talk:Jrd580
1100161User talk:Meysam5670
1100161User talk:Abhinickz
511-81815.8 kUser:Pi zero/dialog/punch list
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