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2575.7 k6.8 k30 kFIFA World Cup 2018 day three: France, Denmark and Croatia wins three poi…
50135-15218.8 kUN releases first-ever human rights report on Kashmir
22224 k23 k23 kFIFA World Cup 2018 day four: Mexico beats Germany, Serbia leads Group E …
34779779779User talk:Quái vật béo
257997991.6 kTalk:FIFA World Cup 2018 day three: France, Denmark and Croatia wins thre…
281.1 k3.4 k9.8 kUser talk:De Wikischim
41362.2 k2.1 k11 kTalk:UN releases first-ever human rights report on Kashmir
22210210210Talk:FIFA World Cup 2018 day four: Mexico beats Germany, Serbia leads Gro…
221.1 k1.1 k1.1 kTemplate talk:New Quaker article intro
24879879879Category talk:Luka Modrić
2389489437 kUser talk:Pi zero
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1822-2.4 k3.2 k6.3 kWikinews:Water cooler/proposals
2271871876 kUser talk:Acagastya
3525953.5 k974Template:New Quaker article intro
225785781.9 kUser talk:DiplomatTesterMan
12711711711Category talk:Philippe Coutinho
22259259259User talk:VirgieEux9533883
22253253253User talk:Travis7321
18000Australia draws with Croatia 2-2, advances to next round in Group F
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11585585585Category:Mats Hummels
11619619619Category:Philippe Coutinho
12164164164Comments:FIFA World Cup 2018 day three: France, Denmark and Croatia wins …
9311137137137FIFA World Cup 2018 Day 3
261212127.3 kPhoto report: Anime North convention brings fans to Toronto
114114119.1 kUser talk:Green Giant
1112-2 k2 k79Portal:West Virginia
1212397397397User:Quái vật béo
11161161161User talk:JosefaBibb3835
612-2 k2 k70Portal:Utah
181211115.6 kPakistani President signs bill to merge Federally Administered Tribal Are…
161175375327 kTalk:Singapore: US and North Korean leaders signing joint statement at de…
12012160User talk:1878 Dislikes
11163163163User talk:ZAWJohnny5329790
11158158716Template:Lead article 3
11155155155User talk:Draychev
11153153153User talk:Trkibe
11151151151Comments:FIFA World Cup 2018 day three: France, Denmark and Croatia wins …
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11147147147Talk:FIFA World Cup 2018 day three: France, Denmark and Croatia wins thre…
11142142142FIFA World Cup 2018 day three: France, Denmark and Croatia wins three poi…
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121851851.3 kCategory talk:Jürgen Klopp
11373737User talk:Amirdevil
111.4 k1.4 k1.5 kUser talk:Pythoncoder
11160160160User talk:Saad din sasa
11159159159User talk:太假真人
11154154154User talk:Bugal44
11155155155User talk:Ilham el
101250150149 kUser:Gryllida/Tasks
1113898989Relix Magath
1013898989Wolfgang Relix Magath
1013818181Jurgen Klopp
1111120 kUser talk:Bawolff/archives/1
111.6 k1.6 k1.6 kWikinews:Water cooler/proposals/archives/2018/April
1100154User talk:AmirSadeghian
11162162162User talk:ReyesCota328356
713808080Luka Modric
11160160160User talk:IP NEWS Pleya
11159159159User talk:Namibia news
11160160160User talk:Portal de som
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11158158158User talk:Jamba Musik
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11154154154User talk:IP NEWS
11154154154User talk:K3vyn23
11156156156User talk:13000Caio
11153153153User talk:Iktray
513808080Luka Modrić
3122482482.1 kUser:Petrb/huggle.yaml.js
1013818181Juergen Klopp
1013818181Jürgen Klopp
111.2 k1.2 k1.2 kWikinews:Water cooler/proposals/archives/2018/May
111831831 kCategory talk:Wolfgang Felix Magath
111751751.1 kCategory talk:Futbolny Klub Rubin Kazan
11163163163User talk:Kittens and Cats
11163163163User talk:Just questioning
11162162162User talk:JustinaSilcock3
11160160160User talk:SheilaManor64
11160160160User talk:Bernardo Xila
11156156156User talk:Yoba Gogh
11156156156User talk:Ta Vir Bm
11157157157User talk:Infoman400
11156156156User talk:Caso Mixa
11157157157User talk:Vai Tambem
11156156156User talk:Vai Todos
11157157157User talk:Mambo Good
11158158158User talk:Conagrande1
11156156156User talk:Good Wiii
11155155155User talk:Vaca Voa
11155155155User talk:Wi Corre
11171171171User talk:Andi Muhammad Amril M SE
811440440440Category:Luka Modrić
11163163163User talk:MichaelZhang1997
11165165165User talk:Sämüėl Mussungo
11161161161User talk:Rudolph Kolare
11162162162User talk:JFVBuster959204
11161161161User talk:Camba do Peito
11162162162User talk:HattieAhern1296
11160160160User talk:BelleKyx93865
11156156156User talk:Bunga Leo
11153153153User talk:Adeuth
11154154154User talk:Mapshah
11333333User talk:Phantom.42
11118118273User talk:Pipiloi8
11118118273User talk:22tribax
11118118280User talk:Deusjesuscristo
119696254User talk:LorenTrice0
11474747User talk:Dave Bunnell~commonswiki
11313131User talk:Gabriele Dal Rì
211128282.4 kBarsamian discussed “Global Discontents” in Kansas City
711348348430Category:West Virginia
811-30630614Template:Quakers new page
1100161User talk:Nikitavbv
1611272711 kFootball: Paris Saint-Germain pays world record €222m to sign Neymar
211142142142Talk:FIFA World Cup 2018 Day 3
101127275.9 kEuropean football: Real Madrid wins third consecutive Champions League be…
101127278.3 kMourinho has nothing to say as Klopp gets first Premier League victory
1100173User talk:Dave Bunnell-speleodave
1100163User talk:Derry21
811164164164Comments:UN releases first-ever human rights report on Kashmir
91126262.6 kBale signs contract extension with Real Madrid to 2022
8113939194Adam Masina going to Watford
81126265.5 kReal Madrid defends Champions League title
711262610 kFootball: Chelsea beat Wigan to win fourth Premier League title
71126264 kReal Madrid edge Manchester City to reach fourteenth European Cup Final
61127273.3 kGuardiola to replace Pellegrini as Manchester City manager
61126266.1 kUEFA Euro 2016, Last 16: Switzerland-Poland, Wales-Northern Ireland, Croa…
61126266.1 kUEFA Euro 2016, day 3: Turkey-Croatia, Poland-Northern Ireland, Germany-U…
61127274.5 kSevilla wins third consecutive Europa League title, beating Liverpool 3-1
51135352.3 k2007/08 Bundesliga: Wolfsburg vs. Hansa Rostock
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